Top Ten How to Train Your Dragon 2 Dragons


The Top Ten

1 Barfbelch
2 Toothless Toothless

He is Alpha now the most powerful. What is he doing here? - NightFurysRule

What is this guy doing here! He should be at #1!

He should be the 1st beesst 😡

3 Meatlug

She is way more awesome than barf or belch

4 Hookfang
5 Stormfly

Are you putting the best dragon on top 9 she should be top1

Best, Loyal and most important, Amazingly Adorable

Most awesome dragon of all the dragons

6 Thunder Drum

Who doesn't love a thunderdrum? What if a bewilderbeast is chasing you? A night fury would have its head chomped off if a loyal thunderdrum hadn't gotten out of the water to ROAR it away. With incredible stealth and flexibility, it can also hold up to 1,000 lb while Toothless can barely hold 350. Who is the strongest dragon now? The thunderdrum! Get one while supplies last. - ThunderdrumsRule

7 Cloudjumper
8 Grump
9 Typhoomerang
10 Snaptrapper

The Contenders

11 Skullcrusher
12 Terrible Terror
13 Scauldron
14 Changewing
15 Bewilderbeast
16 Fireworm
17 Skrill
18 Flightmare
19 Boneknapper
20 Seashocker
21 Death Song
22 Snow Wraith
23 Night Terror
24 Rumblehorn
25 Speed Stinger
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