How to Win Someone's Heart


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21 Be Sincere

Really mean what you are saying and back it up with action.

22 Be Yourself
23 Never Try to Act Cool
24 Be Normal
25 Feel Proud with that Person
26 Be Always Positive
27 Sacrifice

Spiritual scholar khawaja shamsuddin azeemi describes the defination of true love is sacrifice.To sacrifice for your love one in such a manner that you don't want anything in if we sacrifice for our special one in such context no doubt our love will be immortal

28 Love Them
29 Be Caring
30 Be Cute
31 Stand with Them
32 Don't Be a Try Hard

Seeming desperate can ruin everything depending on what type of person you're trying to win.

33 Tell Them How Much You Care

Not just by doing nice gestruse you can win someones heart but by letting them now your there and how much you care

34 Be Loving

People love it when they know you care.

35 Let Things Go by Itself

Be chill and let other things go by itself then you gonna win what you desire

36 Focus on yourself too

Sometimes you just need space so focus on what comforts you if you don't like him to comfort you
-random stranger giving you tips
focus on yourself to make him chase you

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