Top 10 Howard and Harold McBride Moments

Still continuing with the top moments from characters form The Loud House for this list we now focus on the top moments from Clyde's dads Harold and Howard McBride.
The Top Ten
1 The McBrides Dropping Clyde Off at Lincoln's Sleepover - Overnight Success

Harold and Howards first introduction to the series and Lincoln certainly wasn't wrong about making history as Clyde is escorted by his dads to Lincoln's sleepover.

2 The McBride's Pulling the Car - Health Kicked

Clyde reveals that his dads are entering the Royal Woods Ultra Extreme Ninja Competition and are in training and one of there training methods include them pulling the car from Lincoln's house to their house all while Clyde cheers them on from inside the car.

3 The McBride's Blocking Lincoln and Clyde's Snowballs - Snow Way Down

Lincoln occupancies Clyde and his dads on a trip and finds out just how overprotective Clyde's dads are towards Clyde as they take extra precautions to keep the boys safe including ,making them wear heavy coats, shaving the snow off the sidewalk so they don't slip, not allowing them to sled down a hill and even prevent them from throwing snowballs at one another as they block their attacks.

4 The McBrides and Lynn Sr. Getting Beaten Up by Lincoln and Clyde Thinking They Were Zombies - Last Loud on Earth

During the episode Lincoln and Clyde after exiting Lisa's bunker to find that everyone has disappeared and believe that a zombie outbreak took place and think their being chased by them as they use all the tricks from their favorite zombie movies to out maneuver them and when they see them gathering at the mall where their families are they attack them only to find out from Rita that they had been attacking their dads who spend most of the episode trying to find them as there was a big storm that took place and everyone was ordered to evacuate to the mall while Lynn Sr, Harold and Howard stayed behind to look for the boys.

5 The McBrides Becoming Traumatized Over Dealing with Lincoln's Sisters - Attention Defect

When the other sisters find out about the McBrides giving Lincoln, Lynn and Luna undivided attention they all show up and overwhelm them driving them to their breaking point that shortly after Lincoln leaves the McBrides snap and load the sisters into their car and drop them off home after Lisa suggests having a sleepover with them

6 Harold Wrapping the Car in Bubble Wrap - No Bus No Fuss

After the fiasco with the 8th grade bullies on the bus Lincoln and friends turn to getting rides from their parents to get to school and during Clyde's turn he and the others carpool with his dads which turns out to be as bad as with the other parents as Harold and Howard decide to take extra safety measures y forcing them to wear helmets, and pillows but most ridiculous of all Howard has Harold wrap the car in bubble wrap then drive really slowly.

7 Howards Having a Jam Session with Luna - Attention Defect

After Luna finds out about how Lincoln and Clyde have been getting undivided attention from Clyde's dads as Luna wants in and the next day she and Howard have a jam session with him playing the saxophone while Luna plays her guitar.

8 Harold, Howard and Tiago Doing the Samba - Exchange of Heart

Clyde uses exchange student Tiago to keep his dads occupied so he can have more freedom and during this seen Tiago teaches the McBrides how to dance the Samba complete with costumes.

9 Harold Strapping Tiago Down on the Chair - Exchange of Heart

Just like with Clyde the McBrides make Tiago wear a seatbelt on their stool as Harold straps Tiago on really tightly much to Tiago's discomfort.

10 Harold and Howard Telling Clyde They Were Preparing for a Kitten - Baby Steps

When Clyde mistakenly thinks his dads are preparing for a new baby Harold and Howard assure him that they've actually been preparing for a new kitten much to the disappointment of Clyde.

The Contenders
11 Harold Falls in the Senior Pool - Resident Upheavel

While checking out Sunset Canyon senior home where they apply there so Nana Gayle can get the the vacant room as they check the senior pool and takes a tests the pool bacteria level and is shocked after dropping a fluid in the bottle with the pool water and it disintegrates then later Harold gets knocked into the senior pool as she as he cries out "Get me out of this toilet!".

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