Top 10 Howl Characters


The Top Ten

1 Striker

The speedster... Leader of the Vengeance Squad 8 team. Ricardo Oliveira. - TonyShane

2 Tittan

The Man of Iron... Way better than Superman... Leader of the Vengeance Squad 1 team... Carl Fitzberg. - TonyShane


The Atomic Man, Extremely combustible. Jackson Rowe. - TonyShane

4 Shockwave

The name says it all. - TonyShane

5 Tusker

Its like Kid Tittan... Adoptive brother of Striker, still figring out his powers. Jorge Oliveira. - TonyShane

6 Red Avenger

This isn't the first one, it's the second, he protects the first Red Avenger's legacy, whose name no one ever knew, this Red Avenger is the leader of the Champions of the Storm team. John Sanchez. - TonyShane

7 Cyberwave

Made of unbreakable metal and a living computer. Will Turner. - TonyShane

8 Kilmore

The alpha werewolf with plasma grenades of energy. Tony Shane. - TonyShane

9 Marvellous

Has the same powers as Tittan but was born on this planet, He is the father of Cyberwave and Kilmore. John Turner. - TonyShane

10 A-MAN

With an origin story just like Captain America, but this one is way more complicated. Harrison Bohen. - TonyShane

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