HP Lovecraft Short Stories That Would Make Awesome Graphic Novels

The Top Ten

1 At the Mountains of Madness
2 The Shadow Over Innsmouth
3 Dreams in the Witch House
4 The Dunwich Horror
5 Call of Cthulhu

I can't believe that this is not 1, I have read all of Lovecraft, read every story he has every written, and I think this is the best, Mountains of madness is very good, but please read this before voting for Mountains of madness

6 The Shadow Out of Time
7 Dagon
8 Beyond the Walls of Sleep
9 The Lurker at the Threshold

Not a short story. It is actually a full length novel that he was in the process of writing before his untimely death in 1937. Friend and fellow collaborator August Dereleth finished it from scratch. Amazing. - tprandthecandypeople

10 The Whisperer in the Darkness

The Contenders

11 The Colour Out of Space
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