Top 10 Most HP Ultraman

Round 2. The hp list of ultraman is here! Check this list and see if your favourite ultraman is here.

The Top Ten

Ultraman Ken

Yeah. He really hasa packet of HP. So what can I do? Just put him in number 1.

Ultraman Hikari

Ok. Hikari has dots that protect him. Which blue body and looks strong. You like him?

Ultraman Ace

Even the 5th ultra is still so good. He brings many tons of HP.

Ultraman Taro

Taro! Ultraman number 6! Taro has a lot of HP like a metal brain.

Ultraman Zero

Looks like Ultra Seven's son is also here. With his armor, Zero can many arrows without getting hurt.


1st ultra too! Ultraman has Ultra Beam which so strong. So Ultraman should have a lot of HP.

Ultra Seven

Seven also has a protector. So his HP is 35%.

Ultraman 80

80 is so famous and strong. His HP is 30%

Ultraman Mebius

Mebius is also good. I have nothing to say about him.

Ultraman Zoffy

The Contenders

Ultraman Astra
Ultraman Leo

Awesome because he is strong

Ultraman Nexus
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