Best The Hues Corporation Songs

The Top Ten

1 Rock the Boat Rock the Boat Cover Art

This song was included on the movie: Carlito's Way (1993) And that's way many people were interested on this one! But I reckon that this is also the best song of The Hues Corporation.

Now I know why this song sounds so familiar to me.

One of the best Soul songs Ever

Such a soul

2 Off My Cloud Off My Cloud Cover Art

The rocky boat song should've loss againts us which our votes are in this song's favor.
somebody tell me I'm not alone.

Yep this is actually one of the greatest love ballads mixing r & b music elements.

Best song they written by far.

Very relaxing song

3 You Showed Me What Love Is You Showed Me What Love Is Cover Art
4 Go to the Poet Go to the Poet Cover Art
5 Rockin' Soul Rockin' Soul Cover Art

This song remembers me a lot of the first one on the list. - RW700

6 Love Corporation Love Corporation Cover Art
7 There He Is Again There He Is Again Cover Art
8 I Got Caught Dancing Again I Got Caught Dancing Again Cover Art
9 How I Wish We Could Do It Again How I Wish We Could Do It Again Cover Art
10 He's My Home He's My Home Cover Art
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