Top Ten Human Attributes People Seem to Be Jealous Of


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1 Physical Appearance

People can be sooo shallow -_- I hate this!

I look good but I’m pretty short. - AlphaQ

2 Wealth

I'm pretty rich so I don't worry bout this. - DankGodX

I own a Lambos and a Rari si I don't worry. - DankGodX

3 Intelligence

I wish I was smarter than I am. Lately my grades have been dropping down to SIXTIES, YES, SIXTIES. It's so frustrating, I just wish I could back to getting 90s to 100s. - D0gLover970

I hate to admit it, but this is very true for me. - RockFashionista

My average marks have gone back up to 73. 2018 is going fairly well. - AlphaQ

Aw HELL no - B0S5J4M3S

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4 Popularity

This has never been a priority of mine. Just as long as I have a companion to get me through the day. - D0gLover970

I'm having problems with this - Pieclone

I'm a pretty popular kid with gorls who are weirdly protective of me. - DankGodX

I wish I was more popular in my family :(

5 Physical Strength

I'm light so I can't lift stuff. Also I don't weightlift because it stops your growth and I'm like 5'3 so I would do this. - DankGodX

6 Athletic Ability

I'm sort of sporty. I run and swim fast and am a great jumper. - DankGodX

7 True Happiness

I'm probably the happiest user here. - DankGodX

8 Exceptional Talent

This would be what I'm usually jealous of. - PianoQueen

If someone can play pianos with his toes or solve Revenge Cubes with their farts... - DankGodX

Everyone at my school choir sings good except me...

9 Having a Significant Other

What do you mean by this? - DankGodX

10 Bravery

Being brave is a CHOICE! Just do it, instead of envying others.

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11 Social Skills

Meh it doesn't really matter unless your VERY awkward. If your autistic you also get bullied more easily which kinda sucks. - DankGodX

12 Swag
13 Trendiness
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