Most Humiliating Defeats in Military History


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1 Soviet Union vs Finland winter war - 1939 Soviet Union vs Finland winter war - 1939

Almost 400,000 men vs 2,319 huh wonder how this goes oh wait I know the fins killed almost all the soviets because the soviets had know knowledge of the terrain while the Finns basically lived in the terrain so they had a advantage because they knew where the soviets would go based on the roads and would ambush the soviets causing them to not be able to advance.

More than 100,000 soviets were slaughtered by a much smaller number of finns, stopping the soviet advance deeper into Finland. - sprotz

2 Spanish Armada - 1588 Spanish Armada - 1588

A seemingly Invincible fleet of Spanish ships defeated by a weaker but more determined English fleet. The battle would have marked the end of England had the Spanish Succeeded. - sprotz

3 Battle of Teutoburg Forest - 9AD Battle of Teutoburg Forest - 9AD

A very humiliating defeat for the Mighty Roman Army by Germanic barbarians that some say marked the beginning of the end for Rome. - sprotz

Cool list, thanks for making it.

4 Battle of Marathon - 490BC

The defeat of a massive Persian army by the outnumbered and unprepared Athenians. - sprotz

5 Battle of Salamis - 480BC


The Persian Navy defeated by the outnumbered Greeks that made Persia abandon all efforts to conquer the Greek states. - sprotz

6 Mongol invasion of China, under Genghis Khan Mongol invasion of China, under Genghis Khan

A horde of nomad horsemen brought down an advanced civilization which is China. - sprotz

7 Battle of Cannae - 216BC

Defeat of the Roman army by Hannibal that nearly marked the end of Rome. - sprotz

8 Battle of Carrhae - 53BC

A case of bad tactics led to the Romans being slaughtered by the technologically inferior Parthians near the town of Carrhae. - sprotz

9 Battle of Agincourt - 1415

The French army was helpless when arrows fired by English Longbow men rained down on them. - sprotz

10 Battle of Karansebes - 1788

This was a case of friendly fire in which an army destroyed itself without the presence of the enemy. - sprotz

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11 Bay of Pigs Invasion - 1961
12 Battle of Stalingrad - 1943
13 The Battle of France - 1940

Sorry. Just found the historical name of said battle. - SamFisher

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1. Battle of Teutoburg Forest - 9AD
2. Battle of Marathon - 490BC
3. Soviet Union vs Finland winter war - 1939
1. Spanish Armada - 1588
2. Soviet Union vs Finland winter war - 1939
3. Mongol invasion of China, under Genghis Khan


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