Top 10 Humongous Breast Implants of All Time

Source:, Created on 11/1/2015

The Top Ten

Chelsea Charms

Chelsea's breasts began developing at an early age. Before becoming a big bust model, Chelsea was a dancer with natural D cup breasts. At around 2000, Chelsea made history when she received polypropylene string breast implants. String implants irritate the breast pocket which, in turn, promote the production of fluid. The fluid is absorbed by the implants resulting the gradual growth of the breasts. The implants increased her bust size to 153XXX. Years after the continuous growth have increased her cup size to 177XXX in recent years.
Of all the women who have had the procedure, no one has experienced more growth than Chelsea Charms, who currently has an estimated 10000cc of fluids in her breasts. She claimed to, as of 2012, be over 15000cc. The most recent measurements of her are 81-23-34 in (207-58-86 cm).
Chelsea is called the "Queen of Big Boobs" and "The Woman With The Largest Breasts In The World."

Sheyla Hershey
Mayra Hills

Mayra Hills, mostly known as Beshine, is a German glamour model, who has one of the largest busts in the world. She is billed as owning "The World's Biggest Boobs".
Hills has been active since August 2007, posting shots showing her figure but not her face. In January 2010 Hills released her website, revealing her face and also showing topless photos. In the past she has gotten regular injections that expand her implants.
In February 2011 she increased her bust size to 10,000 cc making her breasts weigh roughly 20 pounds each. Her most recent measurements are 79-25-35 in (202-63-88 cm).
She can be considered as "the alter ego" of Chelsea Charms, but women are not only boobs (even of these sizes). Beshine is German. How possible is to find a cute German woman?

Bodacious Bubbles
Busty Dusty
Lolo Ferrari

Lolo Ferrari (1963 - 2000) was a French exotic dancer, adult model and porn star billed as "the woman with the largest breasts in the world."
Seeking stardom and wealth and encouraged by her husband, Lolo Ferrari underwent numerous plastic surgery operations to create a 1.80 m (71 in) silicone-enhanced bust (22 enlargements, a Guinness world record) and to alter her facial appearance. The Guinness Book of Records says each of her breasts weighed 2.8 kg (6 lb) and contained 3 litres of serum. She had to wear a specially engineered brassiere size 54 J, and as a result of the many surgeries she suffered from a number of medical afflictions and lived with a heavy regimen of drugs.
She became famous in Europe for her enormous bust and in a five years time she appeared in several shows.

Maxi Mounds

Maxi Mounds holds the Guinness World Record for the "World's Largest Augmented Breasts" (2005).
Obviously her bust can't be compared to Ferrari, Charms, Beshine, but she's the sexiest of all.

Sabrina Sabrok

The Argentinian multi-star succesfully has undergone numerous cosmetic surgeries, and the result is a perfect hourglass body with most recent measurements of 165-53-102 cm (64-20-40 in). Of course, the most important is the amazing huge bust (bra size 70NN-US, 165 NN-EU).

Keisha Evans