Top 10 Abilities That People Want to Have

We always dreamed of having at least one of these abilities.
The Top Ten
1 Fly

We just would need to be careful with random airplanes and birds like pelicans or even eagles.

I can participate in eagle racing!

That would be very cool

2 Control Time

It'll be better in life if we correct a mistake, hurry up to go see a movie or pause to save a love one from danger.

3 Teleport

It's been done with subatomic particles, but our probability functions are much lower, making it much harder to teleport.

I can go were I want to go faster

I'll never have to drive again

4 Have Spider-man's Powers

Swinging around cities, climbing any type of walls, while fighting baddies for the sake of justice would be awesome!

You need to practice a lot.

5 Read Peoples' Minds

The most important minds to read are:
Your teacher
Your opponent in a fight
A traffic signal
Your boss and many many more+

I want to know if my crush likes me

6 Become Invisible

Who cares about flying you can almost do anything when your invisible

You could like sneak into girls showering

You could watch a girl naked in shower

7 Transform Into a Super Saiyan

When it comes to super powers, this is the only true option. Flight is an ability, but becoming a super saiyan is A SHEER SUPER POWER. With it, you can ascend to so many new heights and become unrivaled in strength if you can master it.

We would need to use it wisely, of course. If not, than train on outer space to not cause any destruction whatsoever.

8 Have Tons of Strength

Carry tons of vehicles at once? No problem.
Punch at lot of bad guys at once? No problem either.
Punch, carry, break and climb through whatever type of surface possible? Definitely!

But what about the spoon you hold?
The food you eat?
Wouldn't they get crushed?

9 Jump Really High

Doing basketball, gymnastics, volleyball and other types of sports and situations couldn't be any easier with this ability.

10 Control Elemental Objects

Elsa can control under ice and cold wind, Blaze the Cat has control under fire, Captain Planet has control over nature... Imagine the other possibilities!

The Contenders
11 Run at the Speed of Light

Scientifically impossible unless you can lose ALL of that weight, or mass.

Now we can also be the fastest thing alive!

12 Bring Back Life

Be able to resurrect a deceased person.

13 Create Portals to Other Realities

This depends on what model of the multiverse you are using. It's already happening according to the many worlds theory, but one could also appear in separate universes by use of string theory, or maybe by a wormhole or black hole. It's a tough thing to tackle, which is why our leading scientists are doing so as we speak.

How about creating a portal that could make you be in a videogame, such as Zelda, Assassin's Creed, Mario, Sonic or others? Or one that could lead you to a movie, like the Lion King, Batman: The Dark Knight, Star Wars, or even the Avengers from Marvel?

First we have to prove the multiple universe theory completely. I know quantum physics firmly supports this idea but then it is still a theory. It can be wronged like the light as the wave theory.

14 X-Ray vision
15 Have Powered Fists

To convince you, imagine using this infinite times on Justin Bieber.

16 Move Things With the Power of Your Mind

Here are some examples: You want to watch a movie, but the movie you want to watch is in another room, and yet the room is far away from where you are? Bring the movie with this. Finished your homework yesterday, but you forgot it at home? Bring it with this ability.

That's called telekinesis, and you can have it.

17 Telekinesis
18 Pause Time

WoW. This Could be Higher

I really want that...

19 Walk through walls
20 Earning Power
21 Turn Into a Dragon

Someone actually agrees with me

22 Transform Into A Dragon

I once had a dream about this to be honest.

23 Shapeshifting

You can turn into anything, anyone, and turn into another hero to have their power. Also, you can like stretch yourself or change into an animal to hide from an enemy.

24 The Force

The force is clearly the best power. Everything is possible through the force. You can fly to a certain extent, you can control peoples minds, and you can push/pull things that are far away from you. Not to mention you'd also have force jump and force speed. The force would be extremely valuable in warfare. The best part though, is being able to sense a presence. Nobody will ever be able to sneak up on you again.

25 Controlling Emotions of Others
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