Top 10 Best Types of Farts

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1 Silent and deadly

Silent butt deadly. People can smell it, but they couldn't hear it. They may not even know that it was you!

2 Wet and sticky
3 Accidental poop
4 Air fart
5 Fart that seeps out without you knowing
6 Nuclear explosion fart
7 Pip
8 Car motor
9 Loud and proud

Once one of our relatives farted like this at early morning.. And everyone woke up!

10 The super atomic omega fart

This one, my friends, is even bigger, even louder, and even smellier than the SUPER version, because this one is ULTRA and NUCLEAR. Oh, and did I mention that the smell is so bad that it kills everyone within a New York City-sized area? It also destroys all buildings within the area as well! It is basically the equivalent of the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb, but with an ULTRA smell! Come to think of it, why didn't the Allies in World War II just use the ULTRA NUCLEAR Atomic Omega Fart on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

So smelly. Someone in my class once fainted when my friend did it. She was so embarrassed when she farted. And yes, it was a she who did this fart.

The Contenders
11 Ass burner
12 Toot
13 Machine gun

Someone once did this in my face. She sat on me and said, "Take this, Jake," and it was like the super omega fart except repeatedly, so it was worse. It was so smelly I went unconscious.

14 The girl fart

I'm a girl, and when I fart, it's so embarrassing. One time I was on an elevator and I looked super hot, and this guy was hitting on me, but then my stomach started bubbling and I farted extremely loud. As soon as those elevator doors opened, he left. I was so embarrassed.

Contrary to popular belief, farts are not only released from males, but these toxins are also emitted from females.

Obviously, girls fart, but until I met my girlfriend, I didn't know they could fart better than boys. Her farts smell disgusting and they're wet.

15 Long and smelly
16 Short and sweet
17 Killer

This one really is a killer. this one feels like your buthole just ripped apart and the pain stays till about ten minutes whyyy

18 Taking-a-dump fart
19 Poopy fart
20 The Jesus Christ fart

The holy fart! Should be higher on the list, but there couldn't be two number ones, can there?

21 Toxic farts
22 The egg fart
23 Your good old average fart

Not the best, but neither is it the worst. It's not too smelly or too loud, but not too odorless or too silent. Just your normal fart, the fart that most people fart out.

24 Not so smelly
25 Rip roaring
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