Best Types of Jokes

Which types of jokes get your funny bone? Please be honest! Haha!
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1 One Liners

One thing that's not really useful on TheTopTens is your feed. I prefer to order at the Chinese.
And THAT'S why this is #1!

2 Dirty

A man inserted one finger into the warmth and wetness. He'd never done anything like this before and was nervous about what to do next. His girlfriend said, "Nice but I need more than that. Try three fingers."
Tentatively, he inserted three, he wanted to please her.
His girlfriend sighed. "Wonderful.. about trying to get your whole hand in..." Then she grabbed his wrist and guided his whole hand in. And sensing that he was comfortable with it she said, "See? There's nothing to it. Now put your other hand in the water and do the washing-up! "

A hopeful drunk man leans towards a pretty woman in a bar and slurs lasciviously: "I'd tell you a joke about my willy but it's too long."
Unimpressed, the woman replies in a nanosecond: "Hmm..I'd tell you a joke about my vagina but you'll never get it."

What happened when you put S in front of X-men?

3 Racist

Some are VERY funny. I love these jokes about the English (of which I am very proud to be! ) They're just jokes at the end of the day.

Don't make Asian jokes, it's Wong.
This is coming from an Asian, so don't even try to call me racist, SJWs.

They are often the funniest you can find, them being offensive add to it.

What'd you call a white person on fire? A firecracker...

4 Cheesy

The really old, and so unfunny that they actually are.

I adore bad jokes

5 Yo Mamma

Yo mamma so stupid she decided to put this on this list. Seriously what

6 Doctor Doctor
7 Puns

Not many can take their PUNishment!

This one can be bad to someone, but good pun is really clever and unforgettable

8 Sexist
9 Random
10 Insults

Yeah, insults are totally hilarious! I bet you're too uneducated or illiterate if you don't agree with me! Haha!

The Contenders
11 Knock Knock
12 Fart Jokes
13 Sex Jokes
14 Blonde
15 Dark

Any type of joke can be good when told well, but I find myself laughing at these the most.

16 Sarcastic
17 Newfie
18 That's What She Said

A little ashamed that I was mentally thinking this a lot during Alien Covenant.

Turning a innocent statement into something really dirty
Ex It Won't Fit That's What She Said

19 Bar Jokes

A rope walks into a bar and says to the barman "Do you serve ropes? " The barman smiles apologetically and says, "Sorry, frayed knot."
Old but still worth a smile (er, I was talking about the joke, not me)

A dyslexic man walks into a bra...

Come on, these are hilarious!

20 Mean

Kinda like insults, but it's just mean...

21 Morbid Jokes

Can't this sort of fall under dark humor?

22 Drunk Jokes
23 Natural Jokes
24 Slapstick
25 Political
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