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41 I Blew It All for Love - Charity Bobbin
42 A Friend for Dinner - Hugh Mann Cooke V 2 Comments
43 Creeper's Peepers - Tommy Luken-Glass
44 Neanderthals Among Us? - Harry Butz and Rapunzel Fuhrman
45 Anything Goes. - Miss Elaine E. Uss
46 Top Tips on Do It Yourself - Master Bates

Read this a few times, tried and tested the tips but always ALWAYS ended up knee-deep in mess and exhausted. Threw the book away. What I need is a handy-man.. - Britgirl

Can I... come backstage for your autograph? Need you to leave your stamp. Ha! :) Great show! - Britgirl

Now THAT'S a song that just keeps vibrating (sorry, reverberating) around her head! Need a certain handy man to hum hum to her Where is she going to find a man good enough with his equipment?! :). - Britgirl

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47 Big Bottom Gal - Hugh Jass

Oh yeah. Ben Dover. 'Member now. Cheeky guy. Loved to make ya wanna cry. Never could see eye to eye. Sign in the exam room read: "Abandon Draws and Dignity, All Ye Who Enter Here." Call him the Prince of Darkness;).

Hey, now. Dis be the same cat wrote "Rump'll Thrill Skin? " "Valley of the Alley? " "Girl I Wanna Hit Ya Where Mudda Naytcha Split Ya? " "Must Be Jelly, Cause Jam Don't Shake Like that? " Coulda swore dude's name was Ben Dover:)).

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48 The Art of Carpet Laying - Walter Wall

Yes, there truly is an art to letting it fly without sustaining a serious chafe.

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49 The Benefits of Shoplifting - Lester Paye
50 Where Did My Bathwater Go? - Paula Plugg
51 From Plasterer to Proctologist: It's All About the Craic - Phil McCracken
52 Morphine, My Friend - Freeda Payne
53 Don't Take It Personally - Noah Fence
54 Chief Bridesmaid's Duties - May D'vonna
55 A Day in the Life of a Gormless Fool - Arfur Sleep
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