Top Ten Humorous and / or Creepy Anagrams of People and Everyday Things


The Top Ten

1 William Shakespeare - I'll Make a Wise Phrase
2 Mother-In-Law - Woman Hitler

Every mother-in-law could be female Hitler? No... That can't be... - Delgia2k

Always suspected this.

Haha, there is also a comedy with Jane Fonda and J Lo (Monster-in-Law). - Metal_Treasure

3 Breast - Bra Sets

One can quite immediately see this isn't entirely true. - PositronWildhawk

BG: "Baster" (see; gimme couple days, and I can play with the best of them...pun intended)

4 Desperation - A Rope Ends It

Well, that's depressing. - SwagFlicks

Yikes... - WonkeyDude98

5 A Shoplifter - Has to Pilfer
6 Justin Timberlake - I'm a Jerk but Listen

Welp, it's true. - WonkeyDude98

Who downvoted Brit? - Swellow

Hey,V, I didn't downvote you! I keep trying to reply to you but for some reason admin doesn't want me to...
Can't quite believe that someone of your intelligence is baffled by an anagram ;) Take some headache pills. Get well soon! - Britgirl

BG: Judging by the down-votes, some of the children don't approve of this transcontinental conspiracy. It's so cute when the wee folk stamp their little feet and try to assert themselves.

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7 A Gentleman - Elegant Man

Thank you, thank you. Like to spread a little class where I pass.

8 Debit Card - Bad Credit
9 The Eyes - They See

Damn it, really? I thought eyes were for hearing.

10 The Morse Code - Here Come Dots

The Contenders

11 Bruce Springsteen - Creep Brings Tunes
12 Listen - Silent

Great list but, I don't understand the point of this list can you explain it to me - Blear

13 Princess Diana - End is a Car Spin

For those who haven't realised yet, princess Diana died in a car crash. Very creepy indeed.

This one is SO very spooky...! - Britgirl

14 Jennifer Aniston - Fine in Torn Jeans

I agree - JakeNasty92

15 Funeral - Real Fun
16 Hot Water - Worth Tea
17 Confessional - On Scale of Sin
18 George Bush - He Bugs Gore
19 Astronomer - Moon Starer
20 Waitress - A Stew, Sir?
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