Top Ten Humorous Ways to Explain The Mandela Effect


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1 Alternate universes
2 Time travel
3 One day we jumped into a different dimension

I was in physics and the teacher was talking about how sometimes atoms dissapear and comeback somewhere else. What if slowly your atoms jump to an alternate universe and then you live there forever. - AnonymousChick

I find the mandela effect fascinating. It's so weird. - Catlover2004

4 Humans are dumb and forget things

The most likely one of all. But the one I believe least - AnonymousChick

5 A god changed it

I don't believe in this one at all but, hey people probably do and besides, I need to fill up this list. - AnonymousChick

6 We are just a TV show or a movie and the creators of the movie decided to change something
7 It was always like that and we were just told by someone that it was as we think it is
8 The company changed it

One of the cases of the mandela effect was Barbra Striesand, but people thought it was Barbara. Turnes out it was and she changed her name. - AnonymousChick

9 The Illuminati changed it

Who knows? maybe the illuminati changed "Luke" to "No" - AnonymousChick

10 Trying to create logic

One of the cases was the Febreze (I told my papa about it and he was so confused to learn it was spelled that was) but peoplr think it was Febreeze. What if your brain changed it to make it a real word (aka breeze.) - AnonymousChick

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11 Cosmic retcon
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