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21 Jackson

Who is that?

22 Katniss's Mom V 2 Comments
23 Buttercup

Introducing the winner of every Hunger Games. Buttercup was the only character that both didn't die and didn't almost die. True survivor.

There is no district 12. There is only Buttercup.

He made Prim happy and he is a true survivor.

Oh Buttercup

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24 Commander Paylor
25 District 5 Male (74th)

This guy got choked had his head bashed against a crate several times and nearly stabbed and then I forget how he died

This dude needs a name he deserves respect!

He was made to die why is he on here?


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26 Greasy Sae V 1 Comment
27 Cato

Cato was absolutely amazing. Everyone says he was a ruthless, blood-craving beast that had no heart; but they were wrong. He had a heart, it's just that... His district taught him to show no affection; and that's how he was raised. We would be like that too if we were raised like that ALL our life. In the book, he ran to Clove's aid; sat there beside her until she died. It even says that his voice sounded pained and hurt when he heard her calling his name. He was determined, focused, and ready; not what you guys put him as. He should have won, think of it this way: All you life, you've trained for an event that comes once a year, and if you won, you'd get money, popularity, and more. ALL YOUR LIFE. Then, some girl who comes from another district ( never trained ) beats you at something you've worked for everyday since you were a kid. It hurts... I'm not going to lie. He should be first, how did a nameless tribute rank higher than him and Clove?

Cato. Yes, he was tough. He was a bad boy, a jerk, just a really bad boy. But he was amazingly well played in the movie. I'm not judging on if he was good or bad, because of course, he had no feelings for others. But his personality was so wonderful. I loved it when Glimmer was sleeping on his chest and he seemed very protective about her, and then the tracker jackers came and he just stood out and not even look back at his suffering 'friend'. Or when he was with Clove. He was just a great character; adding so much more intensity to the film.

But he couldn't help it. He volunteered, because he had confidence in himself that he would win. He was trained his entire life, and he was determined. He was tough, rough, strong and powerful. I loved him that way. I didn't love that he had no feeling to others, but I loved his unique personality, it described him well.

Anyways, Cato's cool.

He is amazing. He did have a heart, he stayed by Clove's side until she died, which is really cute. He was born and raised to be ruthless and cruel, but he still cared about Clove. If he had got to her in time, he would have saved her. Besides, his skills are amazing. Think about it, how many of you would stand a chance against Thresh? That's right, almost none.

Love loved him and I might as him.�"

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28 Martin

Don't you mean Marvel? He was like Cato, he was trained most of his life, and he was taught to be ruthless. You can't really blame him for killing Rue, he caught her and was trying to win just like everyone else. He was very underrated. He should've had a more major role in the movie, and I like him just as much as Rue. Plus he was hot.

Who the hell is Martin?

Do you mean marvel because he wasn't anything special, but I really like how he was portrayed in the movie.

Marvel is the best character

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29 Annie Cresta

She's incredibly strong, to survive the Games, and even though she was (slightly) insane, she found love, and she raised a child by herself.

A sweet and innocent girl who won the Hunger Games almost by chance... And spent the rest of her life terrorized by it. The fact that Finnick fell in love with her speaks volumes to her true character. - carolynsnow

30 Messalla
31 Wiress

Wiress! How the hell are you this low? Anyway, you were a big berserk, which I loved. Not to mention extremely smart (she was the first to realize the arena was a clock! ) and pretty kind, it seems. She's one of my favorite characters in the trilogy. 'enough said. - SapphireMoon44

I love wiress she's amazing and if it wasn't for her I'm not sure if katniss and co would have survived, if it wasn't for her they wouldn't know about the arena being a clock no it would have been a whole lot harder for them

Crafty, smart, and a watcher. If you know what I mean. - keycha1n


32 District 9 Male (74th)

I will call him harvy

33 Enobaria

Enobaria survived and is still alive. There has to be a reason for that right?

She is the best tribute in my opinion

Enobaria is just awesome she is brave and maybe all of you don't havve the same opinion but I love her teeth

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34 District 4 Male (74th)

Dear Suzanne Collins,
Katniss wants to believe she's more than a pawn in the Games. And with the rebellion, that happens. But what about all of the other tributes in the 74th games you were too lazy to give names to? You could have named them. Like the comment below said, they only exist to lose to Katniss. I write Hunger Games stories usually centered around one character, but I bother to give the other tributes names. Stories, personalities, identities. They were just pawns, I suppose, in your writing.

He's okay, but I agree with the person that said Suzanne Collins should've named all the tributes. Like why would Katniss kill someone (district 4 female) without even knowing her name?

Always liked him because he reminded me of one my best friends Milo, who introduced me to the series to begin with. Plus, he comes from one of my favorite districts, 4.

He should be named sabastion - TotalEscapeTheIsland

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35 District 3 Female (74th)

I voted for her because she went through a lot during the bloodbath. She isn't in the movie much but during the bloodbath you see her multiple times, mostly during her death :(

How do people know her name is amber and how do we know she survived like th actors can't make there heart stop so they had her move as little as she could - TotalEscapeTheIsland

Her name is Amber! - Untildawn8

She survived. She's smarter that foxface and beetee put together. She learned how to make her heart stop beating for a few hours. When the hovercraft took her 'corpse', she found a jet pack, and lived a normal life in district 3. - Untildawn8

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36 Plutarch Heavensbee

He is very suspicious but turns out to be good when he rescues Katniss and Beetee and is part of the rebellion. I honestly think he is a better game maker than Seneca Crane.

37 District 3 Male (74th)

We didn't know him but it's sad how he was killed by his allies

His name is Noah - Untildawn8

There's no proof of him being named noah - TotalEscapeTheIsland

His name was Noah

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38 Pollux

Very sweet and likable character. Happy he survived, hopefully to inspire other former avoxes and promote a better Panem with Cressida.

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39 Cashmere

She is beautiful and insightful

She was amazing. I loved her sibling relationship with Gloss.

She my favorite career. Why did Enobaria live but beautiful Cashmere had to die?

40 Madge Undersee

Think about it, guys. Who gave Katniss the pin? Madge did. Without Madge, Catching Fire and Mockingjay wouldn't exist, and neither would most of the storyline with Rue.

Madge was a kind friend to Katniss. She brought some medicine for Gale in a snowstorm. She sat with Katniss at lunch. And most of all, she gave the Mockingjay pin!

Madge and her Mockingjay Pin is a sign on rebellion. She may not be the best character, but she's awesome! RIP Madge

Superb in the book. Film?

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