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41 Madge Undersee

Think about it, guys. Who gave Katniss the pin? Madge did. Without Madge, Catching Fire and Mockingjay wouldn't exist, and neither would most of the storyline with Rue.

Madge was a kind friend to Katniss. She brought some medicine for Gale in a snowstorm. She sat with Katniss at lunch. And most of all, she gave the Mockingjay pin!

Madge and her Mockingjay Pin is a sign on rebellion. She may not be the best character, but she's awesome! RIP Madge

Wasn't it the old lady that gave Katniss the mocking jay pin?

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42 Gloss

He is cool. He and Cashmere are amazing.

43 District 9 Female (74th)

She was pretty but of course, Marvel had to kill her along with the girl from 7 (also pretty) and Rue. DAMN I HATE HIM

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44 Whistling Man In District 11

He is invincible when he got shot there was no blood he is so powerful he could kill all the tributes and all the capitol just by whistling

Got shot in the head, poor guy...

Me and my mom were watching Carching Fire, and when we got to this part I started screaming "NO! " - Untildawn8


45 Brutus

Just read his hunger games wiki article

46 Chaff

I loved chaff, deserved more respect.

He is hilarious


47 District 6 Female (74th)

Her name is Emerald

I will call her kiva

Her name isn't Emerald, it's Tamora. Go to Wikia, type in hunger games district 6 female, and in the trivia it says her name is Tamora. - Untildawn8

48 District 7 Female (74th)

No one cares about what you would call her

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49 District 1 Female (50th) V 2 Comments
50 Titus

Absolutely he almost ate a persons heart... in my opinion that's beast

He is an awesome cannibal.

He's a cannibal. m'Kay bai

51 Darius

I was looking for him during the entirety of the mockingjay like:

Smol bean..

52 Octavia

What I love about her is she is in her 20's, but she acts like she is 4. She has such a sweet heart. - 11Promises

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53 Flavius
54 Glimmer

I don't like her she does nothing but die and give Katniss the bow and arrows. Also she was the weakest career she almost died in the Cornuopia Bloodbath. Beside it is supposed to be Cato and Clove. Lastly everyone likes her because she is pretty don't get me wrong she is pretty but sorry Glimmer I don't give points for prettiness. When I read the book I liked Cato then saw him yes he is hot.

Glimmer And Cato's Death Seemed The Most Painful To Me...

Come on! Why is she last? She's awesome! her character just wasn't explored enough in the books!

She was pretty but like the other person said she sounded like a fake bitch. She was pretty stupid because she kept missing with the bow and arrow at the training and when she was being killed by tracker jackers she was just waving her arms everywhere. Yeah and that's what got her killed. She kind of deserved to die. And how did she get a training score of 9?

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55 Marvel


Even though he killed Rue, I really like him. I've started to think of him as more than just a heartless career and just another tribute.

What!? I loved him!

He is asoume

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56 Annie Cresta

She's incredibly strong, to survive the Games, and even though she was (slightly) insane, she found love, and she raised a child by herself.

A sweet and innocent girl who won the Hunger Games almost by chance... And spent the rest of her life terrorized by it. The fact that Finnick fell in love with her speaks volumes to her true character. - carolynsnow

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58 District 8 Female (74th)

The one who talked about her and said she should die a slow and painful death by the mutts or something is insane. S/he can go kill themselves now, it will be doing good for the world. I hope you don't replace the population

Clove is my favorite forever and I do throw knifes and I'm really good at it but I just wanted to put her on but still vote for her but MOSTLY CLOVE or I will hurt you.

I will call her Paige

She was born to suffer and be agonized.
When she begged for mercy I wouldve put her in pain for feeding her to the mutts The mutts will eat her arms and legs and leave it there or swallow her whole and she will get digested and she will be crapped

59 Alma Coin

Full of charisma yet the most evil of all characters - she is cruel; heartless; foul; stupid; and sadistic. She was glad that Primrose Everdeen was killed and is the character that causes all the fans to bring hate on one character. - SliderRob31

I thought she was higher up as president coin

She was already on the list dumbass

Why she isn't't first? She is smart, cunning, cold, charismatic and ambititious.

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60 District 9 Female (75th) V 1 Comment
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