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61 District 9 Female (75th)

I would call her Rye

62 District 10 Male (74th)

I would call him Falco

63 District 8 Male (74th)

I would call him Flax

64 District 7 Male (74th)

I would call him just plain ol' Sam.

65 Mr. Everdeen

He made mockingjays stand silent tob hear...awesome

66 District 6 Male (74th)

His name is Jason

I will call him rider

IT'S JASON - TotalEscapeTheIsland

67 Romulus Thread

Oh yeah, that one guy everyone forgot about.

I kept confusing him with Thresh

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68 Homes
69 District 10 Female (75th)

I will call her eve

70 Seeder

Seeder should of lived

71 Mayor Undersee
72 Maysilee Donner

The origin of the pin.

Best charecter in books but sadly absent in film :(

73 Woof
74 Cecelia

She deserved so much better and I feel bad for her 3 kids - TotalEscapeTheIsland

Her poor baby children... :(

75 Blight
76 Portia
77 District 10 Female (74th)

Oh yes, that one tribute... so amazing - punyraisin

78 District 10 Male (75th)
79 Dr. Aurelius
80 Bonnie
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