Top 10 Best Hybrid Animals


The Top Ten

1 Liger (Lion+Tiger)

The mane of lion the stripes of tiger - JolteonIsAwesome

2 Liguar (Lion+Jaguar)

The mane of lion the spots of Jaguar - JolteonIsAwesome

3 Wolfdog Wolfdog

The wolfdog hybrid looks beautiful. - Pegasister12

I don't have to tell what it is - JolteonIsAwesome

4 Mule (Horse+Donkey)

It is sterile, but it has the speed of horse the endurance of donkey - JolteonIsAwesome

5 Goldfishkoi Goldfishkoi

It is usually fertile but sometimes sterile - JolteonIsAwesome

6 Koi+Common Carp Koi+Common Carp

My friend's cousin have it and I have the picture - JolteonIsAwesome

7 Wholphin (False killer whale+Bottlenose Dolphin) Wholphin (False killer whale+Bottlenose Dolphin)

Not whale + dolphin - JolteonIsAwesome

8 Savannah Cat (Cat+Serval)
9 Coydog (Coyote+Dog) Coydog (Coyote+Dog)
10 Dingwolf (Dingo+Wolf)

Dingwolf has bright goldish blue fur
and it is so handsome - JolteonIsAwesome

The Contenders

11 Grolar bear (Grizzly+Polar bear) Grolar bear (Grizzly+Polar bear)

Its name is amazing

Or, its other name could be Pizzly bear. - Pegasister12

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