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1 Super Smash Bros. Switch

This is THE most popular this is #1

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is overhyped and overrated. - TriggerTrashKid

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, I guess? Anyways, way too overrated, and it is neither legendary. - TriggerTrashKid

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, AKA the most overhyped video game of all time - MaxPap

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2 Mario Tennis Aces

Matches are too long, you don't unlock ANYTHING, just way too overrated - MarioBros11

Tennis In Real Life > Mario Tennis Aces - TriggerTrashKid

Mario Tennis is finally making its Switch debut, will bring stylish motion controls with it. Switch Sports all the way! Apparently it will be the hardest Mario Tennis game ever, but will bring the first story mode to a Mario Tennis game since the 2004 title Power Tour. Aces will throw tennis flavored boss fights at you, alongside a variety of quests. It also looks fantastic. Mario in that little tennis outfit is an odd mixture of epic and cute. - Extractinator04

This will be the first Mario Tennis game I wil get. - darthvadern

3 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Not overrated - MarioBros11

It's on here twice, but it doesn't make it a legend. - TriggerTrashKid

Genocide every single porter - USGC

It's on the list twice now. - Extractinator04

4 Yoshi (2018)

Yoshi's Crafted World, also it is coming out in 2019. This list means the most hyped Nintendo Switch games of 2018, which means the Switch games which are hyped this year. And this one is hyped. - TriggerTrashKid

Woolly World was said to be delightful, and Nintendo keeping the trend of adorable side-scrolling games in this new Nintendo Switch title. Players are thrust into a diorama made of cardboard cutouts, and you guide our favorite Mario dinosaur through them by chucking eggs at villains and shifting the camera perspective to interact with objects in the foreground or background. It is the kind of thing you want to hug. - Extractinator04

It's being moved to 2019 unfortunately. - Extractinator04

Delayed to 2019. - MaxPap

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5 Toy-Con 02: Robot Kit

You can be a robotic creature, it is utterly bonkers how outstanding this little kit will be, and what is more both kits let you look at a cross section of how it all works and fits together on your Switch - as well as playing the games, of course. - Extractinator04

6 Metroid Prime 4

Still no new info on it, hopefully it comes 2019. - Extractinator04

It's not coming in 2018. We didn't get any info on it ever since E3 2017. - MaxPap

What a time to have the Switch. While the 3DS is getting a remake of Metroid 2 this year, the Switch got confirmation that Metroid Prime will be making its grand return in the future. Nothing is known about the game other than the fact that it is happening, and it is not being made by Retro (who made the first three games in the series), but rather by a new studio. 4 right now (get it? ), sweet confirmation is all I need to get excited. - Extractinator04

7 Kirby: Star Allies

We have not gotten an actual Kirby quest on consoles since 2012, and the upcoming Kirby Star Allies aims to take the saboteur sucking and strength stealing play the series is known for and finally giving it a high def makeover. You will also be able to join forces with up to three additional robot or player controlled characters to help you solve puzzles and collect hidden goodies. Kirby has been holding down the fort on portable for the past year, so it is awesome to see him back on console in proper form. - Extractinator04

Played some of the demo at Target and it was lit. - Extractinator04

...Why is this not #2?
Terraria's been out before, it's the same thing again.
The labo kits are cardboard, they'll get messed up soon after purchase.
Hyrule Warriors is the same thing with DLC, like DK Trop. Freeze for Switch.
Scribblenauts is just flat out stupid when you think about it.
The only 2 that make sense is Metroid Prime 4 (which is only #9, what)
and Mario Tennis Aces (which is #1, still what. It should be #3 or #2 at least. MP4 should be #1.) - mattstat716

Kirby star allies has (nearly) everything
dedede meta knight and whispy woods
a cool new villain
brings back past elements
1 new ability and a evolved version of a abaility etc
wait this got beaten by
a gorilla, a space bounty hunter, a 2D minecraft, basically rock paper scissors, carboard TWICE, a green chameleon dinosaur (Yoshi can stay at 2 but Kirby at 1) & TENNIS
well... at least its in the top 10 also when is Nintendo gonna give us new news on Yoshi 2018

8 Toy-Con 01: Variety Kit

Nintendo has reinvented gaming again, and this time they are doing it with cardboard. The Nintendo Labo kits - known as ToyCons, get it? - let you construct cardboard peripherals for the Switch and then play games with them. This one has things like a dirt bike simulator, toy cars, and an actually playable piano. - Extractinator04

9 Scribblenauts Showdown

The Mini Games? Yeah, those sound good and all. But ever since Unlimited and Unmasked broke on me, I was not in the mood to buy them again (Unlimited goes for $70 on Play Asia), so I am REALLY looking forward to this one, as it will also have eight worlds to explore. One more thing: C H A I N S A W B E A T S M O N K E Y - Extractinator04

10 Terraria

Terraria is a cool game, and NOT a Minecraft ripoff. - TriggerTrashKid

Terraria, a little like Minecraft (though nowhere near as much as people say), is that one game that is on every platform. And for great reason, too. Terraria is a brilliant 2 dimensional sandbox game that tasks you with surviving in a procedural generated world with nothing but three simple tools to begin with. But the more you play, the wiser you get and learn what you need to do to survive. It is addictive, and a Switch version will be epic! - Extractinator04

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11 Donkey Kong: Jungle Freeze

You mean Tropical Freeze - MaxPap

Widely regarded as the best game on the Wii U, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (which I unfortunately did not get the Wii U one) is now getting a Switch release. That means Donkey Kong will soon take over your Switch, and they are bringing a new friend with them; Funky Kong as he is known, is a Switch exclusive character who is equipped with a surfboard that gives him rather rad moves. And what is more, it is all playing in multiplayer now with the new Switch exclusive multiplayer mode. You will be going bananas! - Extractinator04

12 Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition

Good game - MarioBros11

Originally released on the Wii U, and later on 3-D-S with a minor difference in the title, Warriors is a Dynasty Warriors fighter featuring a tonne of your favorite Nintendo characters, and now Link from Breath of the Wild. Definitive Edition is better looking than before, features all the existing DLC too and can even be played with a pal, thank you, new multiplayer feature. 2 Links is better than 1. - Extractinator04

13 Super Mario Party

Not overrated - MarioBros11

I'm so excited for this game! It's coming in october and it takes the formula of the first Mario Party games on N64! Goodbye to that stupid car! - MaxPap

14 Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu

Basically Pokemon Yellow and Pokemon Go mixed together... - MaxPap

15 Pokemon Let's Go Eevee
16 Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

It's supposed to be even better than the Wii U version! - Extractinator04

It's getting ported to the Switch with Super Mario Odyssey inspired levels.

17 Super Mario Odyssey

This game made me cry, laugh, blush, and amazed!

I was shocked by these wonderful colors, characters, and romance.

It was awesome I loved it!

The ending was so sweet I cried and laughed.

The best part is that the adventure will never end!

18 Detective Pikachu

It's a MOVIE - MarioBros11

That's 3DS, dope!

19 Pikmin 4

Has it been confirmed to be a 2018 release? - Extractinator04

20 Nickelodeon Kart Racers
21 Crayola Scoot
22 Sonic Mania Plus
23 Team Sonic Racing

It was fun to see Blaze, Chao, Rouge, Vector, etc. play!

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1. Metroid Prime 4
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1. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
2. Mario Tennis Aces
3. Toy-Con 02: Robot Kit
1. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
2. Super Smash Bros. Switch
3. Kirby: Star Allies


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