Most Hyped Smash Melee Matchups

I bet a lot of users don't watch some Melee tournaments, but I do. I'll be adding a list of matchups we all get hyped for.

The Top Ten

1 Mang0 vs Mew2King

They're both pretty much the best players in Melee. To me, I'd consider this a rivalry - SmashBall

2 L3ffen vs [A]rmada

Two of the best Swedish players. - SmashBall

3 Mang0 vs Hungrybox

Two legendary Jigglypuff players - SmashBall

4 L3ffen vs Chillin
5 WestBallz vs PPMD

They personally prefer the air (Get it, they both play as Falco)
Kill me now. - SmashBall

6 Eikelmann vs Bizzarro Flame

A heavy-weight fight (Literally, they both play as Ganondorf) - SmashBall

7 L3ffen vs Mang0
8 Mew2King vs PPMD
9 Lucky vs Mang0

Not only they're good individually, they're also good in teams. - SmashBall

10 aMsa vs Zhu

Best the two best players from Asia. aMsa from Japan, and Zhu from China. - SmashBall

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