Top 10 Most Hypocritical Things About SJWs

SJW's are very hypocritical and here's a few ways that they are hypocritical. If I missed one feel free to add it.

The Top Ten

They claim to hate racism yet hate White people

How is hating white people yet supporting black people not racist?

No matter what race you're crapping on its still racism

If they hate white people, that also means they're racist. - allamassal

I see them do this a lot - PumpkinKing109

They believe that men are sexist yet are sexist themselves

Saying comments like "All men are racist" or "All men are sexist" is sexist itself.

Saying that men are sexist is sexist, moron.

Saying that all and only men can be sexist is actually very sexist itself.

It's sexist to say that all men are sexist. - allamassal

They believe in equality yet don't treat people equally

The biggest one - TwilightKitsune

Which is very hypocritical.

Yep - Randomator

,In summary - SpectralOwl

They claim that men can't be raped, when men have been raped

Rape doesn't just apply to women it can happen to men to...

This list is trash in the mind of a dumb SJW, but not to normal people. The SJWs need to learn. - BorisRule

This list is trash

Not all men want sex. - robertoiglesias271

They hate violence, yet condone violence against people that disagree with them

If this isn't hypocritical I don't know what is.

Antifa, enough said - 445956

They believe in empowering women yet don't empower women at all

I remember in a buzzfeed video girls were painting in period blood, and thy called it empowering, but I guess doing unhygienic stuff is seen as empowering now. - ThatIntrovertedEmo

Embarrassing fellow women (& liberals) by spewing out sexism against men will NOT empower them. - RoseWeasley

More like ruining the equality - BorisRule

Blaming men for everything does NOT empower women at all.

They claim that white people are racist, when they're racist themselves

How the hell is that not racist?

Dude, even whites can suffer from racism. - BorisRule

They claim to be for female and LGBT rights yet they support Islam, which calls for their oppression.

I remember Paul Joseph Watson making a video of that (Dear Gays, the Left betrayed you for Islam) - TwilightKitsune

This is my favorite, SJW's are just not right in the head.

They think that they're spreading a cause, when they're really just spreading bias/prejudice

All SJW's do is shove their believes down everyone's throats and will berate anyone who disagrees with them. - egnomac

Which is not a cause... let alone a good one.

They force you to use their gender pronouns like "Zee" and She/He or else they threaten you with violence and abuse

I identify as Baby Shark my pronouns are do/do/do/do/do. - ThatIntrovertedEmo

Conform or die-Sjws and stalin

It's not a law, it's a preference. - RoseWeasley

What is a zee?

The Contenders

They call Trump supporters racist, when they are racist themselves

I am by no means a Trump supporter... but calling people that support a president racist is really retarded.

They feel oppressed for other races, as if they think black people or Asian people can't think for themselves

Pretty much. - SailorSedna

They claim to support gay people, yet hate bi people

Bisexuals is also part of being gay.

"Equality" everyone! - RoseWeasley

I'm bisexual so this'd be awkward

They hate offensive people, when they're offensive themselves

If this isn't hypocritical I don't know what is.

They say women can be whoever they want, yet shame stay-at-home moms
They hate it when a black character is drawn a bit lighter due to lighting, but think it's fine when someone draws a white/Asian character black or Mexican
They claim to be against homophobia, yet they hate actual gay people
They're quick to "defend" certain groups, yet they ignore or overlook the struggles of others
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