Most Hypocritical Things to Do at School

The Top Ten

1 Tell others not to cheat while cheating

I think most of these hypocritical things are the truth about school and life. If you tell others not to cheat and you actually mean it, then you would not do it yourself. But the person who probably did this just used this as an advantage.

2 Tell others not to bully while you bully someone

Teachers in a nutshell.

Thankfully I've NEVER bullied anyone before.

3 Make fun of held back students when you yourself were held back
4 Make fun of gay people while being gay
5 Say you hate liars but are one yourself
6 Steal while telling others not to steal
7 Make fun of crybabies while you cry yourself
8 Rant about teacher's pets while being one yourself
9 Say swearing should be banned while you swear a lot
10 Say you hate a kid for doing something when you have done the same thing yourself

The Contenders

11 Say that electronics should be banned while you use electronics a lot
12 Say you don't want to be a bad friend to someone and you're being a bad friend to someone else
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