Top 10 Most Hypocritical Types of People

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We're talking about hypocrites here, so of course they're going to be the #1 most hypocritical type of person.

Sheer, unadulterated genius.

Redundancy at its finest


Proof trump supporters are fascists.We need some cnn(This just a joke)

Black Lives Matter Supporters

I understand what black people have been going through, but sometimes they are always crossing the line by playing the race card game.

These people try to fight racism, with more racism.

Anti-Trump Protesters

They do nothing but shame others for things they're just as guilty of doing.
Trying to "prevent" racism on blacks by harassing all the whites. They're going to unintentionally bring back segregation only it's against white people if they're not careful. Supremacy and equality are two different things.
Trying to "prevent" sexism on females by harassing the males.
Trying to "prevent" homophobia" on homosexuals by harassing the heterosexuals. Such irony and hypocrisy. They've pretty much become the things that they hate and they don't realize it or are in denial about it as well.

A true racist wouldn't admit that they're racist, people.

Would someone please tell me what Liberals are? I am only twelve sooo I don’t know.


So what if a woman wants to wear pink when it's not October? Or a skirt or dress? What's wrong with stay-at-home moms who *want* to be stay-at-home moms? Women who *like* cooking and sewing? Women who want (not "need") a man? Feminism should be about women being able to make their own decisions, yet feminists condemn those who don't basically become super-tough butch lesbians.

Real feminism stands for equality for both men and women. It's the SJWs' fault that real feminism is forgotten. That, and modern-day politics, too.

Also, anti-feminism is much worse than feminism. I rather live in a society where both genders are equal than a patriarchal one where one gender has no rights compared to the other.

I thought feminists are supposed to stand up for gender equality, not girls supposedly being the superior gender.

Depends. Feminists are fine. Feminazis are hypocrites.

Social Justice Warriors

They want more gay stuff


Everyone is born a racist at some point.

I hate racists


The correct term is 'Alt righters'

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People bully others to lower their victims self esteem and to make themselves feel better. But their act like their the real victims themselves and get away with by STUPID teachers, which purely hypocritical BS.


Well guess what homophobes! God also said to accept and love everyone!

DC Fanboys
All Lives Matter Supporters
Modern Music Elitists

And music elitists in general.

2010s Fans
Bad Fanfic Writers
People who hate on the British while speaking English

That's half true.

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