Best I Fight Dragons Songs

I Fight Dragons is a rock band from Chicago. Their music is a combination of pop/rock with chiptune, featuring electronic sounds made using Nintendo Game Boys and Nintendo Entertainment Systems. (from Wikipedia)

My favorite songs from one of my favorite bands.

The Top Ten

1 The Faster the Treadmill

My personal favorite song by them. The message is excellent and the lyrics are catchy. Excellent message and well-designed composition. Reminds me of my childhood band, The Fray. - kase377


2 Welcome to the Breakdown

I can't begin to express how good this song is. The drum/chiptune solo is smashing. The mini duet before the chorus is equally smashing. And the bass-line that leads into the second verse is twice as smashing. - kase377


3 Heads Up, Hearts Down

This song doesn't let up from the beginning to the end. The bass, drums, guitar and vocals flow together very well with the chiptune. - kase377

4 Suburban Doxology

This song also has an excellent message and is more rock that 'The Faster The Treadmill'. What makes this song that much better is the high school choir bit. - kase377

5 Kaboom!

The title track to the band's most recent album only introduces you to whats to come. Its also incredibly catchy! - kase377

6 Just Decide

I Fight Dragons is known for their excellent messages, but nothing comes close to this one. My only problem with this song is the length of the guitar solo. - kase377

7 Give It Up
8 No One Likes Superman Anymore

Whats ironic about this song is that the lead singer wears a Superman shirt. Great song nonetheless! - kase377

9 Disaster Hearts

The build and final chorus actually make for one of my all time favorite songs. - PineappleSwiss

10 No Kontrol

The Contenders

11 My Way

I can't believe no one put this... I had toadd thissong myself! How is this song unworthy of top ten? Come on people!

12 Crazie$

I love this song especially the beginning

13 Money

About $$$

14 The Geeks Will Inherit the Earth
15 Move

Come on! Theyvegot lots of better songs than this but its gotta be inthe top ten!

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