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1 Lucy Does a TV Commercial

THIS IS THE BEST EPISODE IN THE SERIES! I love Lucy's first two reactions to the Vitameatavegimin ( sorry if spelled incorrectly). Her faces are so funny!

This episode is ridiculously overrated - JaneMoffat

Do you pop out at parties?
Are you up-poopular? - MoldySock

2 Job Switching

This is so overrated - JaneMoffat

3 LA at Last!

Lucy accidentally plasters a famous star with a cream pie. - dureckl

I don't even get how people say she threw a pie in his face, because she didn't, the waiter did - JaneMoffat

4 Lucy Hunts Uranium
5 Lucy Tells the Truth
6 Ricky Asks for a Raise
7 Lucy Raises Chickens

I have good memories of watching this show with my mum, whenever one of us were down we could watch one and it would brighten our day and make us laugh.
I love the part in this episode where Ethel says to Lucy, who has a box full of chicks. "Hey, you ear that? They're talking about Fred. They're saying 'cheep cheep' "

8 Lucy's Italian Movie
9 Lucy Goes to The Hospital

So funny! I love how Ethel Fred and Ricky practice and then totally mess everything up! So funny! Also you got to know the history and risk this episode brought as since women weren't suppose to be seen pregnant on T.V.. I love Lucy episodes are all great but this one really stands out!

10 The Star Upstairs

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11 Lucy Does The Tango
12 First Stop
13 Lucy Takes a Trip to Havana
14 The Star Next Door
15 The Tour
16 The Freezer
17 Lucy in the Swiss Alps

This episode is boring and has practically no story line. Why is it on here? - JaneMoffat

18 The Girls Want To Go To A Nightclub
19 Lucy and Superman
20 Ricky Thinks He's Going Bald

I just LOVE this episode!

21 The Black Eye
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