Top 10 I Wanna Kill the Guy Fangames

Iwbtg is the best game but it also has fangames we all know the first one was I wanna be the boshy, everything after that is referred to as a boshy hack

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1 I Wanna Be the Boshy

Truly a well developed and hillarious classic that holds up to this day.

This was the first fangame ever made and its rlly good sadly nobody else could make a game as good as this - jeffryhuebert

I wanna be the boshy is indeed a great game, and a hard one too.

But the bosses are way to hard

World 1- 106 deaths
Hello kitty- 94 deaths
World 2- 273 deaths
Kracko- 82 deaths
King dedede- 7 deaths
Ryu- 234 deaths
World 3- 204 deaths
Mario- 479 deaths
World 4- 573 deaths
Biollante- 112 deaths
World 5- 192 deaths
Sonic- 834 deaths
World 6- 743 deaths
Skeleton king- 384 deaths
World 7- 232 deaths
Mega man- 782 deaths
World 8- 312 deaths
Shang tsung- 250 deaths
World 9- 184 deaths
Ganon- 214 deaths
Mcgoo- 21 deaths
World 10- 649 deaths
Ryu hayabusa- 104 deaths
Missingno- 382 deaths
World 11- 478 deaths
World 12- 37 deaths
Solgryn- 758 deaths
Secret collection- 264 deaths
Kappa- 184 deaths
The cheetahmen- 874 deaths

Someone tell me how these numbers confirm half life 3.

Boss difficulty
1. Cheetahmen
2. Sonic
3. Mega man
4. Solgryn
5. Mario
6. Skeleton ...more

2 I Wanna Be the Lovetrap

Timeless classic, perfect design. Made by a mastermind - jeffryhuebert

3 I Wanna Be the GB

The first japapese game ever made its super hard and that's what makes it so grate! - jeffryhuebert

4 I Wanna Be the Guy

This list wouldn't be complete without the original. XDDD - jeffryhuebert

5 I Wanna Be the Fangame

This game was made by tijit the mijit aka solgryn he's pretty talanted this game reminds me of iwbtg because of the traps and funny bosses! - jeffryhuebert

6 I Wanna Be the Ultimate Hero

This is my own game I made it myself don't steal my original name it's the best around
Please download and rate 5 stars my mom said she was proud of me when she saw my game - jeffryhuebert

7 I Wanna Be the Guy Gaiden

The OFFICIAL sequel to I wanna be the boshy, it's really amazing all the bosses are fun to fight and the grapple gook makes me hard - jeffryhuebert

8 I Wanna Kill the Guy

I never beat pac man in this game but it has galaxy man's song and that already makes it the best famgae - jeffryhuebert

9 I Wanna Be the Kamilia

SUPER HARD GAME but its amazingly made everything about it is perfect and I bet the creators are very "creative" see what I did there but I don't like how the first boss is a bullet hell - jeffryhuebert

10 I Wanna Kill the Kamilia 3

Last boss. Self explainitory.

Music 9/10 Difficulty 8/10 awesomeness 11/11

The Contenders

11 I Wanna Be the Happil 2

I couldn't beat the first jump but the title screen looks cool - jeffryhuebert

12 Not Another Needle Game
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