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1 is a leading global provider of beacon hardware and software services for all mobile platforms. They managed to open a new frontier of proximity context technology with beacons. - canny

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2 IT Craft

IT Craft is a mobile development company with a special focus on indoor navigation solutions. The company provides the development of mobile apps that utilize such features as indoor navigation and routing, event triggering, and analytics on user behavior. - canny

Good services!

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3 is an indoor positioning and navigation company. Their mobile SDK allows developers to integrate iBeacon functionality into apps. is focusing on applications for indoor navigation inside big spaces like airports, shopping malls, hospitals, museums, and enterprises. - canny

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4 inMarket

These guys have huge app scale of over 40 million per month -- which is a requirement for beacon success. If you're a brand, you don't have to worry about hardware or apps, you just buy from them like any other media.

InMarket is a platform for retailers that allows publishers, retailers, and brands to connect with consumers. in-store is using iBeacon technology while their platform includes an SDK, beacon network, and proprietary ad serving technology. - canny

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5 Twocanoes

Twocanoes Software facilitates enterprise beacon deployment through Bleu, which is an integrated family of software, hardware, and custom development services. - canny

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6 Sensorberg

The company develops and provides a beacon-based, platform-independent, all-in-one proximity campaign solution. The Sensorberg cloud-based management platform supports all beacon standards and provides an open source SDKs which can be incorporated into any app. - canny

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7 Swirl

Swirl’s powerful beacons were designed for large-scale deployments in retail enterprise. - canny

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8 SITA Lab

SITA Lab is investigate how geo-location, context awareness, e-wallets, near field communications (NFC), video analysis and scanning can best be harvested in air transport. The beacon technology as the company's focus is seen as a game-changer in retail. - canny

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9 PassKit

The company's SaaS solutions are designed to integrate the latest Online-to-Offline technologies into the clients' business. PassKit offers a simple marketing automation platform to propel customer engagement, drive physical world transactions and stimulate loyalty with the help of beacon technology. - canny

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10 SmartBeacon

SmartBeacon is a provider of beacons ready for customization and interactivity. - canny

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