Top 10 Iberian Football Clubs

A list about the top soccer clubs of Spain and Portugal

The Top Ten

1 FC Barcelona

Fc Barcelona have been playing exceptionally well in the past decade. - Ashirogi

2 FC Porto

FC Porto might not win as much titles as benfica but they are the only Portuguese team to win the FIFA world club cup. - Ashirogi

3 Real Madrid Real Madrid Real Madrid Club de Fútbol, commonly known as Real Madrid, or simply as Real, is a professional football club based in Madrid, Spain.

Real Madrid won the first 5 champion league titles and currently have some great players. - Ashirogi

4 SL Benfica

Benfica is mostly known as the best Portuguese team as they've won the most titles. - Ashirogi

5 Valencia

Valencia have occasionally played good leading to one champions league title. - Ashirogi

6 Atletico Madrid Atletico Madrid Club Atlético de Madrid, SAD, commonly known as Atlético Madrid, or simply as Atlético or Atleti, is a Spanish professional football club based in Madrid, that plays in La Liga. The club play their home games at the Wanda Metropolitano, which has a capacity of 68,000.

Atletico Madrid is one of the best teams in the liga BVA. - Ashirogi

7 Sevilla

Sevilla is a very good team, especially when they play in the Europa league. - Ashirogi

8 Sporting Club Portugal (SCP)

SCP are usually one of the top Portuguese teams and have done well in the Europa league. - Ashirogi

9 Sporting Braga

Sporting braga have recently made it to the champions league which is not an easy feat. - Ashirogi

10 Athletic Bilbao

Athletic Bilbao is usually one of the best Spanish teams out there. - Ashirogi

The Contenders

11 Real Betis

They are getting better and better. They usually play in the Europa League

12 Espanyol Barcelona
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1. Real Madrid
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1. Real Madrid
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3. FC Porto

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