Best iCarly Season 1 Episodes

The Top Ten Best iCarly Season 1 Episodes

1 iHatch Chicks

Every ICarly episode makes me want to throw up

2 iWant More Viewers
3 iWanna Stay With Spencer
4 iDream of Dance
5 iCarly Saves TV
6 iPilot
7 iDon’t Want to Fight

I love that this episode shows that even best friends get in fights sometimes, but they will always make up in the end.

8 iScream on Halloween
9 iWant a World Record
10 iWin a Date

I hated the creddie at the end but spencer doing the exercise was worth it. Especially the windmill (hitting freddie and sam's reaction)

The Contenders

11 iMight Switch Schools

First, Carly gets accepted to a private school. Then, Spencer builds a mini golf course. Last, Carly does an interview and fails it because of Sam and Freddie.

12 iAm Your Biggest Fan
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