Top Ten Best iCarly Season 5 Episodes

The Top Ten Best iCarly Season 5 Episodes

1 iLost My Mind

This show sucks. Glad it ended

2 iLove You

I. Love. That. Romance. Part.

3 iCan't Take It

Most passionate seddie kiss and a bonus of a singing gibby at the end

4 iToe Fat Cakes
5 iQ
6 iBloop 2: Electric Bloopaloo

I liked this episode. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

7 iDate Sam & Freddie

This was a great episode. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

8 iBalls
9 iMeet the First Lady

Especially since it came out when the First Lady was not an idiot like her husband!

This was my favourite episode from Season 5 of I Carly of all time especially because It features Michelle Obama the past first lady and especially because I have really truly seen every episode from all season's and every episode of I Carly episode ever made

10 iStill Psycho

This is from season 5. iPsycho is from season 3. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

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