Top Ten Best iCarly Season 7 Episodes

The Top Ten Best iCarly Season 7 Episodes

1 iGoodbye

This was a good but sad especially because it was the last episode of I Carly especially because I really truly have seen every episode from beginning to end of I Carly.

2 iRescue Carly

I would've picked igoodbye but it was just too heart breaking for me. I chose this ep because it really shows how much softer sam has become (good and bad in a way)

Dena: Shut up, ballerinas!
Freddie: How did she now that I was practicing ballet?

3 iGet Banned
4 iFind Spencer Friends
5 iBust a Thief
6 iLost My Head in Vegas
7 iShock America
8 iFight Shelby Marx

That's season 3 episode...

IFight Shelby Marx is a 3rd season episode...

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