Best Ice Age and Shrek Movies

The two biggest CGI-animated movie franchises as of the making of this list. Vote for the movie you like the best! With that being said, here's the list.

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1 Shrek 2

Why does this list exist?

Because these franchises are the biggest in terms of CGI series? - darthvadern

I do like Shrek 2, it was a masterpiece, I love this movie, but Shrek The Third was a little bit better than this, wasn't it? Don't call me a Shrek 2 hater, because I love this move too. - darthvadern

I love this movie - iliekpiez

2 Shrek

Seriously, Shrek The Third was better than Shrek, now I do like the first Shrek movie, but I do think it's a bit overrated. - darthvadern

3 Ice Age

What the heck? Shrek the Third above this? Seriously? This should be #1 or at least #2 - PeeledBanana

Well, I loved Shrek 3, but I overall didn't like this, so that's why it was much higher - darthvadern

Am I the only one here that dislike the orginal Ice Age film, I thought this whole movie was bad, some scenes were funny, for example that ice slide, but everything else was bad, like the characters, the villians and worst of all, the humans, WHY IS THERE HUMANS IN THIS MOVIE! They just made it even worse, this is ice age, not human age! - darthvadern

Humans lived in the Ice Age days too darthvadern -_-

4 Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

This is really funny buck is the best - trains45

Best one cause of buck

Epic Movie, a little bit worse than Contiinental Drift, but this one was still epic, because of two things; Buck and Dinosaurs, It's a big shame that he's bad in Collision Course, because Buck was awesomne in this movie, and now we go to the dinosaurs, Dinosaurs are cool creatures, they deserve all the attention. I think it's very weird that people choose the orginal Ice Age film instead of this masterpiece. - darthvadern

5 Ice Age: The Meltdown

Ice Age The Meltdown was an excellent sequel, Manny has gone from boring to funny, I do agree that Crash and Eddie was annoying as hell, but the new villians Cretaceous and Maelstrom are my favorite characters in the whole franchie. - darthvadern

6 Shrek the Third

Shrek The Third, I just love this movie so much, I can't belive it's so hated, I see nothing wrong with this movie, it's just as good as Shrek 2. - darthvadern

This movie is interesting, but I hate Prince Charming, he is so ugly!

Yes, this one was great, it dosen't deserve any hate.

7 Ice Age: Continental Drift

So underrated, this movie was one of the best of 2012 and should be in the top 5, I know some parts in the movie was boring, bu the addition of grandma and Captain Gutt was incredible, they were some of the best characters in the whole franchise. I know Peaches and Manny are jerks in this movie, that's one thing I don't like with this movie. But please, Ice Age: Continetnal Drift was an awesomne movie and should be much higher on the list. - darthvadern

8 Shrek Forever After

So boring, why is it above Continental Drift? That movie was epic, but this movie was garbage, it dosen't feel like a real Shrek sequel, the new villian is trash. - darthvadern

9 Ice Age: Collision Course

I like it. The other Ice Ages just felt a bit dull to me personally, while this one had some sort of pleasant and bright vibe the others lacked. Unpopular opinion! - Lunala

Easly the best one in the series, why is it so low?

So do I, darthvadern. I think I see some of the appeal towards Shrek the Third. E-Rod hates Shrek the Third, and his review is very useful.

Collision Course was the worst, I really understand why people hate it, and I do too.

EDIT: This is an okay movie, way too overhated - darthvadern

10 Shrek 3D

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11 Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas Special
12 Shrek the Halls

Hello chrismas

13 Shrek 5
14 Puss in Boots
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