Mint Chocolate Chip


Mint chocolate chip is an amazing flavour. It was my favourite since I was a child. I remember asking for mint chocolate chip ice cream and they gave me chocolate. I was so angry at him, I threw it on the sidewalk and walked away. I'd choose mint chocolate chip over chocolate any day!

Mint chocolate chip will always be #1! It's got mint with little chocolate chips! What's better than a chewable ice cream?! In summer I run to get sweaty and jump in my pool. Just 1 bite of mint chocolate chip and it feels like a splash of water in your face!

Mint Chocolate Chip is the perfect flavor for any sort of person, even for those who just despise life. In my opinion, plain flavors such as strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, yam, pineapple, grape, mango or orange can never top this. Cool, cold, rejuvenating, sweet and lovely are all packed in this one flavor.

This is the best flavor ever! How in the world is VANILLA beating this? It's the best of both worlds! Mint and chocolate! I always get this flavor or chocolate fudge brownie, which somehow didn't make the list either... All I'm saying is that if you don't think this is the best ice cream ever, you've never tried it.

Refreshing and tasty at the same time. I can't imagine this flavor not being #1! This flavor has got to be the best flavor ever invented! I love this flavor so much that whenever I have ice- cream I'll choose it to eat. How could anybody not like it?

I've loved mint chocolate chip since I was 2! In fact, it's so good, Extra made a gum out of it! Do you see now? Mint chocolate chip is the absolute BEST! You just can't go wrong with it! Even when it's melted, it's the greatest thing in the world!

Mint chocolate chip is, like many people say, really refreshing. Unlike chocolate or cookies and cream, where you need milk right after. It has an amazing taste, and should be in first place. But what can I say, we all have different opinions.

There really is no alternative to Mint Chocolate Chip. It's incredibly refreshing, and needs no extra toppings. Mint Chocolate Chip is simply the perfect dessert. Of course, you won't like it if you don't like Mint but I love Mint!

Man, I love mint chocolate chip. It's not too rich with chocolate flavour, yet at the same time it has enough chocolate to satisfy that craving. And the mint is refreshing and cool, perfect for summer. Definitely my favourite!

So good! It should be number 1 on this list! Not number 6! It's the best and always will be, I'll never get sick of this amazingly amazing flavor! And I hate chocolate ice cream its gross but mint chocolate chip is the best ever

Who doesn't love mint chocolate chip ice cream?! It should be everyone's favorite! It's so sweet and refreshing and it's making my mouth water just thinking about it!

Obviously mint chock chip is the best the mint is delicious and who dose not like chocolate chips! And it is way better than vanilla and chocolate but I would say cookies and cream are second

I really don't know why people like plain flavors like chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, pineapple, yam, grape, orange, durian, coffee or even lychee better than MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP. It has a refreshing taste, and smell!

My childhood favorite flavor! And this is still my favorite flavor today! I just love the minty freshness it brings to my mouth! It's like a Yorkie bar in a way, but with the ice cream attached!

Best of them all! My favorite flavor, now and forever! I totally love it and would recommend the flavor to as many people I know! All my friends love the flavor as well and always get it!

I LOVE MINT CHIP ICE CREAM I always have it when I got to fore queens dairy queens its awesome its sold be number one I love it love it love it love it my mouth goes crazy when I taste it

This is my favorite!... When I feel like having ice cream I always have this flavor! I eat it in the summer, fall and winter! Mint chocolate chip should be number 1!

Best flavor ever! I completely disagree with who ever ranked it. In fact I am actually having a pint right now so how many ice cream lovers can say that this very second? Huh!?

The emerald green color, the delicious flavor of mint as it slowly caresses your tongue with its' rich, sweet flavor, the emerald green liquid sliding down the back of your throat and entering your stomach, what's more to say?

I love it! It's cool with a minty finish and of course the chocolate. It doesn't sound like it would go together, but flavor swirling around in your mouth is so delicious. You just have to go back for MORE!

Mint is very delicious. The cool zing of the mint flavor combined with rich chocolate chips is a flavor that can't be beat.

So much better than Vanilla and Cookies and cream. Those are just way to plain. Vanilla has barely any taste and there are never enough cookies in cookies and cream.

THIS IS MY FAVORITE ICE CREAM OF ALL TIME! You can get it in different colors and it is minty and that is the best part. Also it can make your stomach feel better if it's upset because it's minty!

Those big names like chocolate and vanilla are always too heavy. Mint Chocolate chip tends to be lighter on the stomach and good for stuffy noses. (If it's strong.)

Nothing is better than that minty feeling. I think that it really cuts the sweetness down, so I don't feel like I need to brush my teeth immediately after eating.