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221 Lemon Head V 1 Comment
222 Snickerdoodle

Amazing cookies and amazing ice cream

223 Lemon Meringue Pie

Why this no on list? Its the best flavour ever! If its ever avaliable, I eat it. There are so many flavours that I've never tried though. So it might not be the best. But ye it the best I've ever had.

224 Lemon Sorbet
225 Moon Pie (Kroger exclusive)

I don't love moon pies but I loved the ice cream!

226 Dark Chocolate Raspberry Truffle

! I had this flavor at handles and it is to die for!

227 Orange-Pineapple

This is the most amazing ice cream ever. I absolutely adore it. It just makes my day much more happy. It's the best. I highly highly highly recommend it.!

228 Lemon Lime V 2 Comments
229 Rainbow Butter Cup

This is a flavour what is so nice I could eat it all day yum yum yum

230 Extra Sweet Treat
231 Krazy Kookie Dough

Tastes ten times better than all of these

232 White Chocolate Ice Cream with Dark Chocolate Chips

You never made that flavor

233 Strawberry and White Chocolate Chips

And make this flavor I think it will be an hot sell

V 2 Comments
234 Chocolate With a Strawberry Swirl

Another hot. Item that will sell

235 Heath Bar Crunch V 2 Comments
236 Chocolate Raspberry V 1 Comment
237 Chocolate Maple Walnut
238 Oreo Cream Filling

It actually tastes like it

239 Soda

I had while I was in Japan. It's like a light blue color and has that carbonated taste/feel an is awesome!

V 1 Comment
240 Mango 'n' Cashews
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