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61 Green Tea

I absolutely love green tea. It sure isn't THAT popular, but it has a lot of dynamic and exciting flavours. It's not too sweet and definitely not too savoury/sour (like coffee). I respect Chocolate and Vanilla, but if there is one flavour to choose, it would be Green Tea..

A specialty at many Oriental Restaurants, best served alongside a scoop of ginger ice cream. In such a duo, it is best described as Vanilla with zest. It tastes delicious, and it's great for digestion, too, delectable to the tongue, and soothing for the body. Pure Zen.

Why is this so low? This is a great ice cream. If it were as popular as the top 20 ice cream flavors, no doubt it would be at least in the top 10. Adults can eat the bittersweet or semisweet kind that is not too sweet, and kids can eat the sweet kind of green tea ice cream. Eat a scoop of this ice cream alongside a plate of sushi and you will see what I am talking about.

If more people had heard of this incredible flavor it would be much higher on this list

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62 Death by Chocolate

I love chocolate, so I decided to try the ice cream flavour Death By Chocolate. As soon as I tasted it I was amazed by the sweet, rich and outstanding chocolate flavour. Every time someone brings up ice cream I ask for my favourite.

Yeah! Hi five man! LOVE this ice cream flavor BEST IN THE WORLD!

Death by chocolate is amazing. If I have to die, I want it to be a death by chocolate

If you are going to eat chocolate ice cream, it had better be to die for.

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63 Heavenly Hash

To be more specific Its Thrifty's Heavenly hash which was the best

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64 Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Come on everyone its like I don't even have the words its like your in delisouse land if you never had it you have to!

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65 Rainbow

This should be in the top ten. My childhood favorite.

It is a ripoff. It is just vanilla that is dyed.

Rainbow is the best! Should be in the top 10! - micahisthebest

I love this ice cream! It has a bunch of flavors in it! It may not be #1 0r even #20 but its still delicious

66 Vanilla Bean

One of my favorites and should at least be in the top twenty five

All day I could eat this

67 Under the Stars
68 Almond
69 Dark Chocolate

Creamy rich dark choco with cool cream! :) yum!

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70 Creme Brûlée

So Tasty. Its like heaven in a scoop...

71 After Eight
72 Butterfinger V 1 Comment
73 Waffle Cone
74 Salted Caramel

This is one of my favorites and vanilla is already on there. Salted caramel, yum yum!

It is really soft and it really inspires you to try and be like the makers of this delicious ice cream.

Caramel is pretty high on the list. This should be too! Salted caramel is delicious!

The only type of ice cream I like

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75 Raspberry Ripple

Raspberry ripple is so good! Raspberry sauce with vanilla ice cream, yum!

Raspberry ripple is so good it is in my top 100 of favorite ice cream

Rasperry ripple is nostalgia!

76 Turkey Hill Chocolate Marshmallow
77 Vanilla Bean Frappuccino

This is the best ice cream ever! Wakes me up every day!

I do not know what it is?

I love it

78 Sea Salt and Caramel Truffle

We all love to have a combination of sweet and salty when it comes to dessert. Sea salt caramel has the perfect balance of both. Especially when it's Blue bell. What's not to love?

Best ever and always will be!

Sooo good!

79 Black Sesame

It's sweet, aromatic and super healthy!

I always have it if I see it - awesome and sophisticated!

80 Bear Creek Caramel
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