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101 Cinnamon

I always liked cinnamon, whether it was the actual powder, wood, or just a flavor. Obviously, that would mean I like cinnamon ice cream as well. - ORIGAMIMASTER1414

Cinnamon isn't wood


I tried yesterday and it was delish

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102 Black Raspberry

One way to get your daily fruit allowance!

103 Chocolate Cookies & Cream

Best ice cream ever

Sounds So good right now... I love it!

Illuminate confirmed

104 Madagascar Vanilla
105 After Eight
106 Wild Rose

Nope! wild Christian benteke

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107 Tiramisu V 2 Comments
108 Passion Fruit

The best flavor in the world!
Passion fruit is probably the best fruit I've ever tasted. It has this sweet and tangy flavor. I highly recommend it.

109 Boysenberry Ripple
110 Michigan Pot Hole

Best ice cream ever... once I taste it

Never had that flavor

111 Red Velvet

This exists my fave cake in a flavor of ice cream I have been living under a rock because I have never herd of this

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112 Chocolate Chunk Coconut Cheesecake

It weird but it taste SO GOOD - 1nyjetsfan

113 Coffee Chocolate Chunk
114 Peanut Butter Caramel Cookie Dough
115 Phish Food

Sure the name makes it sound gross, but its actually really good. Made from Ben and Jerry's, it is a mix of chocolate, vanilla, with caramel in every bite, along with chocolate prices in the shape of fish. Brings back memories

Phish Food ice cream is awesome made by Ben & Jerry's! It's chocolate ice cream with marshmallow and caramel and fudge! What can beat that?

Haven't tried it yet, but I would like to. I've only had one Ben and Jerry's flavour, (Chunky Monkey) but I am already in love with it. Ben and Jerry's, you rock!

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116 Alden's Blackberry
117 Ube

LOL Yes it is, it's a purple yam it's becoming more and more popular, similar spices to egg nog.

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118 Girl Scout Cookies

It tastes like heaven in your mouth! It's so good!

Girl scout cookie ice cream, or just girl scout cookies

If you like girl Scout cookies you will love this...

119 Matcha
120 Ginger Nut

Reminds me of my granddad who used to eat ginger nut biscuits. It's just a nice feeling.

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