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121 Ube

LOL Yes it is, it's a purple yam it's becoming more and more popular, similar spices to egg nog.

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122 Girl Scout Cookies

It tastes like heaven in your mouth! It's so good!

Girl scout cookie ice cream, or just girl scout cookies

If you like girl Scout cookies you will love this...

123 Matcha
124 Ginger Nut

Reminds me of my granddad who used to eat ginger nut biscuits. It's just a nice feeling.

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125 Orange Creamsicle V 1 Comment
126 Red Bean

More people need to try this. It is the best ice cream (in flavour and texture) I have ever tasted.

127 Lavender

I know this isn't a popular flavor at all, but I recently had Lavender Ice Cream for the first time. It's heavenly! And I will be celebrating National Ice Cream Day with this ice cream in my belly.

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128 Blue Cosmos
129 Huckleberry
130 Apricot V 2 Comments
131 Blackcurrant

Baddest. what! You really need to take grammar lessons. Oh yeah I forgot tutti frutti, I remember when that existed. And swirl, so original

It is the worst ice cream flavour. It is bekkar it is the worst. Ice cream. Worst in the world tutti fruity is a lot better. Cornetto is better sundae is better and swirl is the best. Blackcurrant is the baddest.

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132 Snickers V 2 Comments
133 Gold Rush V 1 Comment
134 Peanut Butter Pandemonium
135 Rum

I just love to top it with captian morgan and have a glass of wine and just get drunk and party!

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136 Chocolate Chocolate Chip

Buddy I no when I taste it, I would be dead in about the next minute.

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137 Strawberry Bubblegum V 1 Comment
138 Wild N' Reckless V 1 Comment
139 Nougat
140 Orange Chocolate Chip V 3 Comments
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