I love all flavors of ice cream, including mint and vanilla, but pistachio has a certain flavor that sticks with you. It's a simple flavor that doesn't overwhelm you with overuse of sweetness, as chocolate and other sweet flavors occasionally do. I personally prefer pistachio ice cream without nuts, but it's still the best flavor, either way.

Its good to know that Pistachio lovers understand that pistachio flavored ice cream is really the diamond in the rough of the ice cream flavors. By far it is the best. How does chocolate by the way get number 1! I mean don't get me wrong I love chocolate anything but the are way better flavors. Oh and what about Mango?

This is one of the best ice cream flavors because it perfectly infuses the taste of pistachios seamlessly into the ice cream flavor. There is no other ice cream that so perfectly integrates one of my favorite nuts! This is why pistachio nut ice cream is one of my favorite flavors of all time!

Loved this ice cream since I was a little girl. For a little girl to love something as weird as pistachio ice cream, I think that speaks volumes! Try it for yourself, it's so unique and delicious.

Strawberries are gross. Cookies and Cream is yummy but old fashioned. But Pistachio is the best ice cream flavor! It is like mint colored with yummy nuts and good for your health! Come on, and lets make pistachio the best ice cream flavor.

Pistachio! Although not so many fans out there, it's still the best. Simply the best. And to people who never tried Pistachio! It must be way better than you think. TRY IT

How could anybody not love the flavor of pistachio nut ice cream? It helps to break away from the same old same old! What's not to like? It is creamy and yet has a great nutty flavor. Yummy!

The combo of pistachio & roasted almonds is quite subtle, yet super delicious and creamy at the same time! Worth the taste for sure!

Pistachio ice cream is amazing all of you who haven't tried it are wimps. Why is it only 11th it should be first. Vote for pistachio and you will be awesome - KunalPatel

I like it made with mixed glazed dried fruits it is so cool and you will never forget have some in a cup it is the best I think I feel it is the ice cream

I too have too say that pistachio is the best ice cream flavor it's juts way to underrated and I think that allot of kids don't like pistachio

Best ice cream that money can buy, seems to fall under the radar quite often but for those who have not tried it, get to it right this second

I think pistachio ice cream is the best thing that ever happen I don't know why pistachio ice cream is at number 9 it should be like at the top 5 forget rocky road that should be at number 10 chocolate and vanilla up on the top 2 wut are you serious those are weak flavors...

It's wonderful and has a nutty taste to it that I like it has a something else that other ice cream just don't have

Honestly, one of my favorites, it may sound like a weird thing to go with ice cream, but actually, its really good... - StrikeOfLight

It's simply the best, I wish it was more widely available. It's only available occasionally, at least in my area.

I adore pistachio ice cream! It's my favorite and I think more people should definitely try it

Pistachio is the perfect blend of rich nuts, cream, and heaven. Even better, almond pistachio!

What is pistachio you ask? Will to sum it up in a few words it is

Sup Tasty
Cute As A Kitten
To Kill For
Makes Me Want To Varp ( vomit and a burp at the same time )
I Found Some Coupons :D
Looks Good Enough To Eat
It Is Basically EPIC So Go Buy It

I agree with many posters, not sickly sweet and refreshing too!

Pistachio's are so good themselves, but I thank the person who made it with ice cream! !

The pure best ice cream flavor out there
The nuts are very crunchy and delicious
It has been my favorite flavor since I was a kid
I've tried all different kind of brands but thrifty is the best I've ever tried
I will keep eating this ice cream

My girlfriend thinks this is repulsive but it's by far my favorite ice cream.

It's too good to be sold at many local grocers, come on?

Smooth, creamy, and totally delicious! The right balance of sweet and salty.