Some people here are nuts! If you go on google and search up the most popular ice cream flavor in the world, you see VANILLA. What ice cream is usually in sundaes? That's right, VANILLA! It's a classic and goes with everything. Does mcdonalds have chocolate ice cream cones? Do you see other flavors of ice cream on top of apple pie and cake? No you don't. Vanilla is superior. Strawberry is too artificial most of the time and chocolate is too strong and is hard and rough ( notice it when scooping out of the tub? ). Other flavors you can barely put toppings on. But vanilla, put hot fudge and whipped cream on it and you have heaven. It's smooth, creamy and you don't have to worry about artificial flavouring. People who don't like it probably had bad ice cream. They need to give vanilla a chance. This is coming from a chocoholic who would never eat vanilla cake. LONG LIVE VANILLA!

Why vote for vanilla will lets just say that it is so awesome and it is so yummy I do not no any one that does not like vanilla ice cream it is so cold and awesome I like vanilla yes I do I like vanilla how about you I don't and if you think I have a good reason I think it is so awesome even my dogs like it my mom gives it to my dogs some time so not jut people like it even some animals like it so I think that you should vote for vanilla ice cream now that you have read all of my reasons I hope you see why you should vote for vanilla

A major use of vanilla is in flavoring ice cream. The most common flavor of ice cream is vanilla, and thus most people consider it to be the "default" flavor. By analogy, the term "vanilla" is sometimes used as a synonym for "plain". Although vanilla is a prized flavoring agent on its own, it is also used to enhance the flavor of other substances, to which its own flavor is often complementary, such as chocolate, custard, caramel, coffee, cakes, and others.

VANILLA! You can also put on any kind of topping and make it even better than it was before. The best thing about vanilla is how just a few toppings can make it any flavor. I'd like to see someone put strawberry syrup or caramel syrup on Cookies and cream and make it not taste like some random flavor.

Um the creamy deliciousness of Vanilla! Soft serve, Italian ice, Sorbet, Gelato, or just regular ice cream every single one is pure amazing ness! How much I love vanilla it's a crowd pleaser in every single way. It is such a simple flavor anyone can enjoy at anytime! Even though chocolate is number one on this sight in my heart it's vanilla!

It is the authentic ice-cream flavor that must put this flavor on a higher ranking. The simplicity of the flavor is what makes your tastebuds desire more from this. It's original. It's nostalgic. It is more than just basic, it's the mother of all flavors. From a scientific evolutionary perspective we are drawn to the taste of simple things without many additives that makes these things loose their taste. The taste of regular vanilla ice-cream is the closest thing to our natural tastebuds as it is the closest to the taste of the most essential nutrient for all mammals, milk. Vanilla is by far most the most original form of ice-cream that reminds us of simple times, of comfortable lives, of VANILLA ICE CREAM!

Sorry chocolate. Although I am a chocoholic and love chocolate ice cream my vote goes to vanilla. The difference is that vanilla is the king of all ice cream flavors. It goes good with absolutely anything. You name it, vanilla goes with it and tastes delicious.

I love the flavour of vanilla. It suites my taste and I love its simplicity. I think vanilla should be number one because it actually is the best flavour. It not too sweet like chocolate and not too chunky like rocky road and double dutch.

Vanilla is not the best but its still epic
This is what I think about the ice creams.

Vanilla:9/10 it tastes really creamy and tastes better than chocolate.

Cookies and cream:10/10 it tastes like cookie and cream and its practically vanilla mixed with chocolate chips

Chocolate:9/10 its really nice but I don't like dark chocolate icecream

Mint Chocolate chip:9 and a half/10 mint is so refreshing

Rocky road:8/10 the marshmellows taste amazing

The base flavor of all flavors. No other flavor can be made without a base of vanilla in it. If you look into almost all the recipes in ice cream you will find that it has vanilla extract in it. It is the Adam of the ice dream world. It is the first flavor.

Vanilla the classic the ultimate flavour in the world of ice creams actually its like the king or the queen in ice creams the flavour of the taste you can never forget of I mean its awesome guys must vote for vanilla,... Yum yum yum vanilla

They say the best things in life are those that are the simplest. Vanilla is the purest of the flavors and all natural. It's the only flavor in my opinion that is best combined with other flavors. But that's just my opinion.

There are so many ice cream variations out there. I would love to mention the ones that I like but I would just be wasting my time since all of them are just vanilla ice cream with mixes, toppings, and sprinkles. So if it comes down to the basic flavor I would specifically say "VANILLA".

Vanilla is a really classic flavor. I LOVE IT! I mean, who wouldn't like vanilla? Vanilla is a really simple yet very delicious ice cream flavor and everyone has to at least put vanilla in top 5 ice cream flavors

Vanilla is one of the most greatest ice cream flavor the vanilla flavor is better than all the flavor a it can go with almost anything chocolate can be too rich and mint chocolate chip can get way to sweet and vanillas just right! Vanilla should be 1 - Lilybethrocks

It's the best ever because you can pair it with almost anything, besides it's the most famous ice cream flavor ever. I mean it really tastes good it isn't too sweet like chocolate because its just fine but it's really delicious. ;))

Vanilla is AMAZING! Vanilla is always good in basically any form. You can add other flavors to it and you can just shape shift it into many different forms and flavors. Also you can easily find it anywhere so you don't have to go searching for it.

I can't believe people don't like this flavor just because it's plain! Well chocolate is plain too you know! It's just brown! Ugh, ice cream racism O_O.

Vanilla is the best flavour ever invented. The first time I ate vanilla ice-cream was when I was a child, I remember the creamy taste of the scoops of ice-cream in my bowl that looked like they have recently fell from heaven.

Vanilla is wonderful, a staple due to its plain, wonderful taste. It made all other flavors, and deserves to be the king!

What I like about this flavor is you can put anything on it and make different flavors with it. You can make root beer float put it on apple pie and other stuff

I really enjoy eating Vanilla ice cream. It's rich, creamy, and its got a really good flavor. I love Chocolate Ice Cream. But Vanilla, to me, is like 8000000000000000000000000 times better

It's just amazing, you will never get bored of it. After one bite you'll want more and more and more and they'll keep coming!

Someone below mentioned that vanilla was the first ice cream flavor. That fact is incorrect because chocolate was the first, had to point it out or else it would have bugged me forever.

Vanilla is so Delicious and because of the flavor you can any ice cream thing on it and it tastes great. Every time I try chocolate I find it so disgusting and throw it out of my mouth - cielphantomhive