Top Ten Best Ice Nine Kills Songs

I was surprised when I saw there wasn't a list for them INK are amazing!

The Top Ten

1 Me, Myself and Hyde

There is no better! Amazing story telling, vocals, screams, guitar, drums, bass and everything else I cannot fault this song! - ClimbToInfamy

I'm addicted to this song! Amazing screaming, great chorus, wow! - MyChemicalKilljoys

I love this band and song! - baybayeast

2 The Greatest Story Ever Told
3 Jonathan
4 The Fastest Way to a Girl's Heart Is Through Her Ribcage
5 Stabbing in the Dark

How in the actual hell is this not higher up?!?! Everything is perfect about this song, especially the breakdown!

6 What I Never Learned In Study Hall
7 The People Under the Stairs
8 The Coffin Is Moving
9 Hell In the Hallways
10 Thank God It's Friday

The Contenders

11 Someone Like You
12 A Grave Mistake
13 The Power In Belief
14 The Jig is Up
15 Communion of the Cursed

Why isn't this song at number one? This song has everything a good metal song needs to have. Head banging, great guitar riffs and a spell binder breakdown! Best of the best!

Probably one of my favorites from them. Not to mention the badass breakdown

Deserves higher to be honest m/

16 The American Nightmare
17 Rocking the Boat
18 Connect the Cuts
19 Star-Crossed Enemies
20 The Simple Act of Giving Up
21 The World in My Hands
22 Bloodbath & Beyond
23 Merry Axe-Mas
24 Love Bites
25 The Nature of the Beast

Such a catchy song! I love them.

26 Enjoy Your Slay
27 Tess-Timony
28 Let's Bury the Hatchet...In Your Head
29 It is the End

Love it! The bands always been great at summering movies in their music

Definitely an amazing song about an amazing movie/book.

30 What Lies Beneath
31 Evidence on Fire
32 Newton's Third Law of Knives to the Back
33 The Product of Hate
34 Savages
35 Freak Flag
36 Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)
37 Red Sky Warning
38 Acceptance in the Waves
39 Alice
40 So This is My Future
41 Chris Brown's Latest Hit
42 Buildings Burn, People Die
43 So Long Steven Long
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1. Hell In the Hallways
2. Jonathan
3. What I Never Learned In Study Hall
1. Jonathan
2. Enjoy Your Slay
3. Tess-Timony
1. The Coffin Is Moving
2. The Fastest Way to a Girl's Heart Is Through Her Ribcage
3. What I Never Learned In Study Hall

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