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1 Whisper to a Scream (Birds Fly)

Love comes
Down upon us and it flows like water
Burning with the hope of insight
Feathered books the colors of the bright elation
Stolen in the sight of love
We are we are we are we're just children
Finding our way around indecision
We are we are we are rather helpless
Changes forever
Whisper to a scream

This song has great lines on the lyrics.

Best one here

Do this song was on Mtv before? I think I saw it there. But hell this is the song I decided to pick, is to damn good.

2 Understanding Jane

So what about the other songs here? I mean, this song is definitely awesome! And maybe it could be my favorite, but the other good songs here get forgot only because this is the best?

I've been so lonely she can't understand the way I feel
I'm holding on, I'm walking home alone
I'm here without her

This is one of the rarest but excellent songs too I've heard in a while.

The meaning is simply wonderful!

3 Out Of Season

Such a beautiful song, did anyone listen to its introduction?

How this masterpiece it don't reach the top yet.?

I reckon this is the best song of the band

Subjective yes, but respectable.

4 Love Is a Wonderful Colour

This song just takes it the cake for me. - LilytARG

Yeah it's true, this song should takes the cake on

There's other greater song than this one?
Hell no.

I got offended since this song isn't even the top 3 model-

5 Hollow Horse

I get this Jam for me.

This was one of Icicle Work's best hits for their time.

One of my favorite songs ever

Should be number 3

6 In the Cauldron of Love

Song of the king of songs realest song ever

Great track, I love more the album version I will keep this song in my hands all the time I can.

This for the win!

Deserves 2nd place at least

7 When It All Comes Down

This song ain't that good but is the best song for me


8 Starry Blue Eyed Wonder

Magnificent song, you should listen it right now since I can't see it ranked low in the list.

This a very good song.

9 Who Do You Want For Your Love?
10 Evangeline

The Contenders

11 Up Here in the North of England

Hopw this song ain't number 2?

This is my jam ranked this song in a more higher possition then this list do

12 As the Dragonfly Flies

Good one of the best songs here in this list no doubt of it

As the other I said this one too.

Holly damn! ! " this is one of the best songs I'be ever herd

13 Reaping the Rich Harvest

This song. I got it in Tunes!

Great tune!

I just wanna say, SUCH A GREAT SONG.

14 Chop the Tree

This song is great.

One of the most beautiful but underrated as hell songs of all time.

I love this song

Is awesome.

15 High Time

One of the best icicle works songs of all time no doubt of it

16 Little Girl Lost

Good and smooth song

So precious song

Not even but is respectable.

This is by far their best no doubt

17 A Factory In the Desert

I want this song a lot higher than then it is right now, come on vote this good piece of art.

Super B song. I would put this song even much higher on the list.


This song is so underrated, I think it needs to be more higher in this list. ¡Consider it please! it a good song if not a very good one too.

18 Lovers Day

This is a pretty good song in my point of view

19 Seven Horses

This song so decent in my song's regrets

One of the bests

20 The Kiss Off
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