Top Ten Most Iconic English Shakira Songs

It's abundantly clear that I've found a niche to stick with. This time around it's Shakira.
1. If it's in English, go ahead and add it.
2. Translated songs are acceptable.
3. If a song features more than one language, use your best judgement.
4. If an English version includes a different guest than a Spanish version, please specify.

The Top Ten

1 Hips Don't Lie

One of the 2000's best-selling singles, you pretty much knew this would be it right. Shout out to Wyclef Jean for reworking one of his songs for Shaki. - theOpinionatedOne

I love how shakira moves her hips

We all know hips don't lie is the most iconic song by shakira I love this song so much I wish I could move my hips like she dose ahhh I love you shakira

2 Whenever, Wherever

Her first English language song and wouldn't you know it, it became a smash hit worldwide. Shout out to Gloria Estefan for helping Shakira write songs in English. - theOpinionatedOne

3 She Wolf

Rock star turned disco diva. One of my favorite songs to dance to. Super clever lyrics too! - theOpinionatedOne

O some

4 Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)

The 2010 World Cup theme and one of the most viewed YouTube videos ever. - theOpinionatedOne

5 Underneath Your Clothes

One of my favorite songs by Shakira. Ballads and slower songs really suit her voice nicely. - theOpinionatedOne

6 Can't Remember to Forget You

The choice to work with Rihanna on this reggae influenced rock song was a great way to make it a bigger hit. - theOpinionatedOne

7 Loca

She took the dance music sound of her previous album and spiced it up with a bit of merengue. - theOpinionatedOne

8 Objection (Tango)

I love when she incorporates elements of new wave into her music. And the lyrics are cool as a coconut bra. - theOpinionatedOne

9 Try Everything

Her voice is beautiful! She also voiced Gazelle!

10 Give It Up to Me

I needed a tenth and couldn't decide so I played eenie meenie miney mo. - theOpinionatedOne

The Contenders

11 Beautiful Liar
12 Illegal

This is probably one of her most emotional songs ever and her singing is sublime. And of course with Santana on guitar you know it's sexy as hell. - theOpinionatedOne

13 Dare (La la La)

Amazing! Both versions of this song sounds great!

14 How Do You Do

Beautiful song with a lot of meaning.

15 Empire

Grandiose, epic song exploring rock roots and at the same time, showcasing the amazing vocal range that Shakira has!

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1. Try Everything
2. She Wolf
3. Whenever, Wherever
1. Hips Don't Lie
2. Whenever, Wherever
3. Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)
1. Hips Don't Lie
2. She Wolf
3. Whenever, Wherever



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