Top Ten Most Iconic Halloween Costumes


The Top Ten

1 Ghost

Some people wear white bedsheets with eyeholes cut out, others wear white so they can be spooky. - DynastiNoble

It's the costumes I always think of when someone mentions Halloween. - Kevie16

All you need for a ghost costume is a white sheet and scissors. - Connor360

Cute eye holes everywhere!

2 Black Cat

A classic costume for girls. - Kevie16

3 Witch

I like the witches from Hocus Pocus.

4 Vampire

Vampires are awesome.

I always see fake fangs in Halloween stores. - Kevie16

Yeah, good times in Halloween - coffeeberzerk

5 Zombie
6 Princess

A princess or a Prince is a GREAT COSTUME CHOICE. 👍👍

7 Superhero

Spiderman and Superman are the most common. - Kevie16

I ❤ Wonder Woman!

8 Fairy
9 Wizard
10 Knight

A Knight in shining armour! Nice! 👍

The Contenders

11 Scream Mask
12 Pumpkin

A baby dressed up as a pumpkin would be very cute. 😍

13 Nicki Minaj

Sure! Wanna dress up like Nicki Minaj, wear a wig, use a pillow or something to make your breast size and ass bigger, wear anything that's too revealing, rap like her and don't forget to throw shade at everyone.

I'm Nicki Minaj and I skinny shame women for no reason.

Also if you're dressed as Nicki Minaj, don't forget to call everyone a stupid hoe (non stop)!

... Wow...

14 Jason Vorhees Mask
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