Top Ten Most Iconic Kelly Clarkson Songs

The most popular songs from Kelly Clarkson that stick in our memories.

The Top Ten Most Iconic Kelly Clarkson Songs

1 Since U Been Gone

It's probably the one I'm most familiar with from her, along with 'Stronger'. - Misfire

In 2005, you could not get in your car without hearing this song on the radio. - theOpinionatedOne

2 Stronger

Not one of my favorites, but probably her most popular hit after "Since U Been Gone". - theOpinionatedOne

3 A Moment Like This

The song that launched her career as pop chanteuse after American Idol. She's become such a pop music fixture now that I often forget that she came from American Idol. And the same is true of Carrie Underwood in country music. - theOpinionatedOne

4 Because of You

I love this song so much. It's so vulnerable and it really showcases Kelly's all-around talent as a singer, a songwriter and an icon. - theOpinionatedOne

5 My Life Would Suck Without You

Her best song

After the tension surrounding the release and promotion of "My December" which sadly suffered as a result, Kelly released the lead single from her upcoming album which put her right back on top of her game. - theOpinionatedOne

6 Behind These Hazel Eyes

I love this song way too much. - theOpinionatedOne

7 Breakaway

This one is ok, but it's not one of my favorites. It was a substantial chart hit nonetheless. - theOpinionatedOne

8 Miss Independent

This is a decent Kelly Clarkson song. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

Here we actually got to see a more accurate preview of what we could expect from Kelly artistically. This was a good song for her, because it was given to her unfinished from Christina Aguilera, where she got to finish writing it and put her own spin on it. - theOpinionatedOne

9 Already Gone

Love this song, so emotional.

I really wish Kelly liked this song. She accused Ryan Tedder of recycling the arrangement he used for Beyoncé's "Halo" and while they do have similarities, I don't think it's the same arrangement. It was a popular song on the radio anyway. - theOpinionatedOne

10 Piece by Piece (Idol Version)

The Contenders

11 Mr. Know It All

The attitude in this song is classic Kelly. - theOpinionatedOne

12 The Trouble with Love Is
13 Invincible
14 Catch My Breath
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