The Top Ten Most Iconic Landmarks in the United States

The Top Ten
1 The Statue of Liberty, New York City, New York
2 The Capitol Building, Washington, D.C.
3 The Empire State Building, New York City, New York
4 The White House - Washington, D.C.
5 The Golden Gate Bridge - San Francisco, California
6 Independence Hall - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Forget about the Statue of Liberty or New York City. Philadelphia > New York

7 The Grand Canyon - Arizona The Grand Canyon in Arizona is a natural formation distinguished by layered bands of red rock, revealing millions of years of geological history in cross-section. Vast in scale, the canyon averages 10 miles across and a mile deep along its 277-mile length. Much of the area is a national park, with Colorado more.

All the National Parks and State Parks of the U.S. are the most outstanding in the world, not only the Grand Canyon.

8 Old Faithful Geyser - Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
9 Mount Rushmore - South Dakota Mount Rushmore National Memorial is a massive sculpture carved into Mount Rushmore in the Black Hills region of South Dakota.
10 Gateway Arch - St. Louis, Missouri
The Contenders
11 Superman Statue - Metropolis, Illinois
12 Space Needle - Seattle, Washington
13 The Lincoln Memorial - Washington, D.C.
14 The Washington Monument - Washington, D.C.
15 Cinderella's Castle - Disneyland, California

Cinderella's Castle is in Disney WORLD. Sleeping Beauty Castle is at Disneyland.

16 Arlington National Cemetery - Virginia
17 John Brown's Fort - Harpers Ferry, West Virginia
18 Las Vegas Strip - Nevada
19 World Trade Center - New York, USA

Too bad they were destroyed on 9/11. They were beautiful.

20 Niagara Falls - New York
21 Hoover Dam - Clark County, Nevada/Mohave County, Arizona
22 Great Salt Lake - Utah
23 Yosemite Valley - California
24 Old Central High School - Duluth, Minnesota
25 The Alamo Mission National Historic Landmark - San Antonio, Texas
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