Top Ten Most Iconic Madonna Songs

Quite simple... NOT A LIST BASED ON QUALITY. This list is an interpretation of which songs are the most iconic.
****Please DO NOT ADD THE SONG "ICONIC" to this list. ****

The Top Ten

1 Like a Prayer

Arguably Madonna's magnum opus. This song would come to symbolize what Madonna stands for as an artist. That is a danceable song with a catchy hook you'll remember and dualistic lyrics that cross boundaries. - theOpinionatedOne

2 Vogue

The song that strengthened her status as a dance floor diva down for innovation. - theOpinionatedOne

3 Like a Virgin

Madonna's first number one song and the song that defined her mark as an artist that pushes the envelope while retaining an instant mainstream appeal. - theOpinionatedOne

Well, it's amazing, I have its whole album - Ananya

4 Music

Probably her most popular song among my generation. Even though I was only 4 or 5, I remember hearing this on the radio. It's a good gateway for younger people to look into her music... like me. Only the song that did it for me was "4 Minutes". - theOpinionatedOne

5 Holiday

Covered by Girl Authority in 2007. - playstationfan66

Her first hit single. - theOpinionatedOne

6 Material Girl

Now... this one. This song I personally DESPISE! I mean I couldn't even make it through the whole thing. The reason for inclusion is the fact that the media can't move on. 30 years later, she is still dubbed "The Material Girl" even though she herself hates the song. - theOpinionatedOne

Covered by Hilary & Haylie Duff in the 2006 film of the same name. The film had a "s" at the end of Material Girl so it is Material Girls. Material Girls is a 2006 film produced by Madonna and directed by Martha Coolidge. - playstationfan66

7 Into the Groove

How did I forget this one? - theOpinionatedOne

8 Ray of Light

I love this song to death. I listen to this on Friday mornings, nights and even when I'm feeling bad. This song could help you a LOT - JaysTop10List

9 Hung Up
10 Express Yourself

This song and video in particular has probably had the greatest influence on other female artists. - theOpinionatedOne

Where's Iconic I thought I added it? Huh. Don't add it? Sorry, too late... 😳 - JaysTop10List

The Contenders

11 Papa Don't Preach
12 Justify My Love

The controversial song that sparked Madonna to release it as a VHS-Single due to limited airplay and MTV appearances. - theOpinionatedOne

13 Everybody
14 La Isla Bonita
15 Erotica
16 Open Your Heart

I think this must be one of her favorites since it's been performed on so many tours. - theOpinionatedOne

17 The Power of Goodbye

If you're going to add a song to my list, at least give it the right title "The Power of Good-Bye". - theOpinionatedOne

18 Iconic

I'm sorry I broke the rule! It's iconic - JaysTop10List

19 Take a Bow
20 I'll Remember
21 4 Minutes
22 Crazy for You
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