Top 10 Most Iconic Recurring Cliches and Routines of Certain Video Game Characters

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1 Kidnaps Princess Peach, usually locking her in either his and/or her own castle in the process - Bowser (Super Mario Bros)
2 Sends out exactly eight (or six) Robot Masters per game to serve as guardians for his evil mechanical castle, then pilots a giant robot himself for the final boss battle - Dr. Wily (Mega Man)
3 Teleports back and forth and shoots fireballs at you for the first phase of the final battle against him, then transforms into a hideous man-beast for his second - Dracula (Castlevania)
4 Throws barrels at Mario - Donkey Kong (Super Mario Bros)
5 Attempts to seize the power of the Triforce himself so that he can personally take over the world with it - Ganondorf (Legend Of Zelda)
6 Builds ridiculously, often insultingly obvious weakpoints into basically every single one of his robots, despite supposedly having an IQ of over 300 - Dr. Eggman (Sonic The Hedgehog)
7 Littering the entire overworld with countless riddles, then forcing you to solve every single one of them while condescendingly mocking you all the while - The Riddler (Batman Arkham Series)
8 Speaking in a horribly confused mixture of broken English and classic Invader Zim hamminess - Fawful (Mario & Luigi)
9 Having absolutely complete disregard for basically everything that doesn't involve money and himself - Wario (Super Mario Bros)
10 Always being manipulated and controlled by vastly more powerful and intelligent villains than himself, to the point of literally being turned into a string puppet by Yin-Yarn in Epic Yarn - King Dedede (Kirby)

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11 Uses the almighty power of the Triforce (and his sword) to vanquish evil - Link (Legend Of Zelda)
12 Constantly spams Hadoukens and Shoryukens in every single game - Ryu/Ken (Street Fighter)
13 Serves as a condescending robotic narrator to the games - GLaDOS/Wheatley (Portal)
14 Rescues Princess Peach - Mario (Super Mario Bros)
15 Spins around, breaks boxes and collects wumpa fruit - Crash (Crash Bandicoot)
16 Raps his way out of anything and everything - Parappa (Parappa The Rapper)
17 Rocks her way out of anything and everything - Lammy (Um Jammer Lammy)
18 Gets kidnapped by Ganondorf, then rescued by Link - Zelda (Legend Of Zelda)
19 Spams his classic spear-grapple move in every single game - Scorpion (Mortal Kombat)
20 Uses the power of the holy whip to vanquish Dracula time and time again - The Belmont Clan (Castlevania)
21 Jumps around, collects coins, enters pipes and breaks bricks - Mario (Super Mario Bros)
22 Has a whole series of games designed almost entirely to show off how cute he is - Kirby/Yoshi (Nintendo)
23 Is completely obsessed with saying the word GROOVY - Jim (Earthworm Jim)
24 Accidentally saves the world in the process of going on a huge adventure for the sole purpose of stealing himself even more money - Wario (Super Mario Bros)
25 Has castles so big that they take literal hours just to get around - Dracula (Castlevania)
26 Models and names giant robots and machines after himself - Dr. Eggman (Sonic The Hedgehog)
27 Talks as if he's still stuck in the "cool era" of the 90s - Sonic (Sonic The Hedgehog)
28 Is a cocky jerk in every sense of the description - Falco (Star Fox)
29 "FALCON PUNCH! FALCON KICK! SHOW ME YOUR MOVES!" - Captain Falcon (Super Smash Bros)
30 Appears on just about every single type of Pokemon-related merchandise that you could possibly think of, including women's undergarments - Pikachu (Pokemon)
31 Embarks on epic island-wide journeys just to save his precious banana stash from the clutches of evil - Donkey Kong (Donkey Kong Country)
32 Uses powerups and suits to transform himself into basically everything Nintendo can think of - Mario (Super Mario Bros)
33 Steals and copies the abilities of his foes, then uses them to his own advantage - Kirby/Megaman (Nintendo)
34 Is a damsel in distress - Princess Peach (Mario)
35 A kid who hopes to "catch'em all" - Player character (Pokemon)
36 Is the last surviving member of her doomed planet - Krystal (Star Fox Adventures)
37 Is the leader of a galactic mercenary gang - Fox McCloud (Star Fox)
38 Is a customizable "avatar" -Robin and Corrin (Fire Emblem)
39 Is a vicious, bloodthirsty wanderer who seeks worthy opponents - Karel (Fire Emblem)
40 Runs in supersonic speeds - Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic)
41 Is an animal mascot with attitude and most likely started that trend - Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic)
42 Is a cop who is tasked with tracking down a gang - Waffle Ryebread (Tail Concerto)
43 Happens to ride a mecha and makes his living as a hunter together with his adoptive sister - Red Savarin (Solatorobo: Red the Hunter)
44 Is a long living kitsune or "sage fox" - Xiaomu (Namco x Capcom)
45 Is the agent of Shinra - Reiji Arisu (Namco x Capcom)
46 Is the rival or evil counterpart to the hero - Shadow the Hedgehog (Sonic) and Wolf O' Donnell (Star Fox)
47 Is obsessed with jewels and the Master Emerald - Rouge the Bat (Sonic)
48 Tells you to "Do a Barrel Roll" - Peppy Hare (Star Fox)
49 Attacks using literally every single random thing he can think of - Mr. Game & Watch (Super Smash Bros)
50 Eats basically everything he sees - Kirby/Yoshi (Nintendo)
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