Most Ideal DLC Packs for Smash Bros 4


The Top Ten

1 Sonic Heroes Pack - Tails and Knuckles

It would be the perfect 2 characters to fight alongside sonic - Zombieman99

2 Twilight Princess Pack - Midna and Ghirahim

Need more Zelda than Mario - Zombieman99

3 Mega Pack - Bass and Zero

Mega Man with Bass and Zero - Zombieman99

4 Country Pack - Banjo and Kazooie
5 Rivals Pack - Waluigi and Shadow

They are both rivals to Luigi and Sonic - Zombieman99

6 Evil Genuis Pack - Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily
7 Bananas Pack - Dixie Kong and Funky Kong

This is so perfect Dixie the echo fighter for Diddy Kong and Funky Kong for an echo fighter for Donkey Kong.

8 Anime Pack - Goku and Naruto
9 FPS Pack - Master Chief and DoomGuy
10 Valve Pack - Gordan Freeman, Chell, and TF2 Characters

The Contenders

11 Sonic Females Pack- Amy, Rouge, and Blaze
12 Xenoblade Pack - Reyn, Dunban, and Riki
13 Undertale Pack - Frisk, Sans, and Mettaton
14 Indie Pack - Cave Story, Undertale, and Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight only.
1. Cave Story was backed up by Sony for the PS4/PSVita versions.
2. Just because Undertale is going to be on the Switch doesn't mean any Undertale characters are going to be in Smash.

15 Cat Pack - Cat Mario and Luigi
16 Non Nintendo Pack - Darth Vader, Sora, and Lighting McQueen
17 Most Wanted Pack - Toad, Midna and Wolf Link, and Inklings
18 Ladies Pack - Krystal, Toon Zelda, and Toadette
19 My Pack - Mickey Mouse, Rayman, Ms. Pac-Man
20 NES Pack - DK Jr., Waddle Dee, Birdo, Boom Boom
21 DC Super Hero Pack - Robin, Batman, Green Lantern
22 Disney Pack - Wreck-It Ralph, Stitch, Winnie the Pooh
23 Toons TV Pack - Angry Birds, Shaun the Sheep, Om Nom
24 Kirby Pack - Ninja Dee, Dedede Clone, Bandana Dee
25 Evil Pack - Meowser, Metal Mario, Darth Maul
26 Star Wars Pack- Ahsoka and Obi-Wan
27 Return of the Characters Pack - Ice Climbers and Pichu
28 Forgotten Characters Pack - Popo, Nana, Wolf and Pichu
29 Bandai Namco Pack - Klonoa, Lloyd and Heihatchi
30 Capcom Pack - Professor Layton, Zangief and Bass
31 Sega Pack - Alex Kidd, Tails and Aiai
32 Rareware Pack - Banjo, Conker and Johanna Dark
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